You’ve Lost Hosted VOIP Telephone Service in Bedford. Can Your Organization Survive It?

Telephone service is pivotal to any business and most corporations do not have a ‘Plan B’ if they lose service. In Bedford Texas, a Company without any managed hosted VoIP system risks losing money to the tune of hundreds of thousands, even more, every time they can’t talk to their clients, or even other parts of the Company.

  • Without voice service, a law firm in Bedford stands to lose between six and twenty-two prospects each and every day.
  • An ecommerce Company in Texas might lose tens of thousands of dollars in new sales, unable to answer questions of prospective clients on their website.
  • Losing voice service would be like chopping the head from a multi-office Corporation with offices in Bedford. There might be a complete derailment of connection throughout their base of operations.

Possessing a trustworthy managed hosted VOIP Phone system in Bedford Texas will help avoid these disasters and more. Think that we are exaggerating? If you have ever:

  • had a service disruption even more than 7 minutes,
  • ended up with more staff than available Telephone lines, or
  • lacked the opportunity to upgrade and expand on demand,

… then you understand why a hosted VOIP is so better than a regular Phone system.

Similar Troubles Can Impact 91% of Bedford Businesses When it Comes to Voice Service

In even more than sixteen years in the telecom business, businesses we’ve met with have had exactly the same primary troubles:

  • Hard to plan for Telephone expenses with varying minutes of use;
  • The big Telephone carriers’ obscurity costs and charges with disguised charges;
  • Firm restrictions with no growth possibilities in a “phone cabinet” way of thinking;
  • No interconnected functions for mobile applications that enable employees members to remain productive from the office or on the road;

Luckily, hosted VOIP Phone platforms are a fantastic solution for getting the most current features without having to make big hardware investments.

There is No Mystery to a Managed hosted Telephone system

Easily accessible to your Company, a managed hosted VoIP system is a cost-effective telephone system. With a hosted VOIP, you don’t need to have complex Telephone systems installed, simply buy the desktop phones for your location. Connecting to your voice service provider is easy when using the desktop telephones, which open communication through the internet. Rather than purchasing your own VoIP system, which could run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, your phones hook up with managed hosted hardware. And for a fraction of the cost, you will get the newest and greatest in technology, with little to no upkeep.

Hosted VoIP Gives You the Latest and Best for Less – Virtual Telephone Platforms

Old school Phone cabinets will give your office the basics – voicemail, extensions, but that is more or less all. Possibly an intercom. That’s usually it. You need to bring in an army of POTS lines (outdated copper lines, like inside your grandparents’ house) or T1‘s with dedicated channels for voice lines. Limits on old Telephone platforms include:

  • The quantity of lines that people may use is limited, and
  • The number of lines that people can use is limited, and
  • Disadvantages on the number of customers you could service.

Don’t Limit Your Sales, Don’t Limit Your Customers, Don’t Limit Your Earnings

Managed hosted VOIP platforms are typically run from carrier-grade data centers, meaning that your VOIP Phone system will be powerful and professional. Need more total capacity? Our providers enable you to scale up and grow with ease.

Hosted VoIP platforms in Bedford Texas practically offers unlimited capacity to grow your Company and networking circles. You might want to consider your communications options if you still have limited service with an old Telephone system.

Managed hosted VoIP Systems in Bedford Texas – What’s In It For You?

You could expect well over eighty different functions from a hosted VoIP system, and while each system is unique, there are a number of benefits for businesses: Each product is modified to efficiently cater to your organization needs:

  • Save up to 85% or maybe more – with the more traditional systems, you not only have to buy handsets, but the Telephone system itself, which may be very expensive. With managed hosted VOIP, you’re only purchasing the handsets.
  • Save Money Now and in the Future – with worry-free service, you do not have to maintain an high-priced Telephone system or pay for upkeep or repairs.
  • National & International Service – whereas an old-fashioned Telephone system in Bedford Texas is limited to one area – generally that location building. Hosted VOIP systems in Bedford Texas, however, are connected to by the handsets over the internet. Stay in touch with everybody with instant connections to remote locations, road warriors, or home.
  • Outstanding Options – these newer systems can offer you conference calling, the ability to use “follow me” features, which pushes phone calls to your cell Telephone or computer, or time-based routing, which could direct calls to different places depending on the time of the day. Not to mention much more.
  • Regional Numbers – using a managed hosted VoIP Phone system provides you with the option of having local numbers in almost any area code, making you seem local in any market.
  • Get Toll Free Number -through the Managed hosted VOIP platforms. these work great in tandem with a managed hosted Telephone system.
  • Quick & Easy Configuration – practically a plug and play, the modern IP phones simply hook up with the network with a few setting adjustments and you are fully operational. Using new modern IP phones, they literally plug into your network, enter a few settings and you are ready to go.
  • No Technical Help Required – with these platforms, companies can usually diagnose equipment complications remotely, walking you through any necessary settings. Some firms keep an additional handset or two in the location – just in case. It’s that simple.
  • Voicemail messages on the Run – hosted VOIP platforms provide you with the ability to receive voicemail messages, and even transform it to audio to be emailed to you. Certain systems will even turn messages into readable formats to be sent to your Phone or email.
  • All Corporations can Have Fortune 500 Grade Auto Attendants – the auto attendant platforms with prompts and self-help were once restricted to the largest of companies nationwide. With hosted a Phone system, businesses as small as one-person-enterprises can make use of this professional platforms, often at no extra cost.
  • Track Employee Production – older systems could not track Phone calls, and required costly equipment and software. With advanced managed hosted VoIP systems in Bedford Texas, everything is computerized, digital and accurate.
  • Route Phone calls Via Voice Over IP, Landlines, and Cell Telephones – allow your Company the most flexibility to take calls any which way.
  • Have Calls Routed by Skillset – provide an auto attendant that asks questions about the type of service needed and the managed hosted VOIP Phone system will route to the correct employees.
  • Hosted VOIP & Mobile apps – integrating your smartphone and telephone service is available with a wide range of mobile apps on the market.
  • Create Your Mark with Portal Branding – using the portals, you can easily manage your Phone system. Click to allocate extensions. Click to route telephone calls. Click to swap welcome messages, voicemail messages plus more. Click – Click. That simple.
  • Record and Archive Telephone calls – at the click of the mouse you could record telephone calls for coaching or insurance reasons.
  • Integrate with CRM for Efficiency – customized and synchronized analytics that allow you to maximize sales and review your sales records.
  • Advanced Integration with API’s – an elegant way of saying your techs can write programs that talk to the hosted VOIP Phone system, automating even more of your needs.
  • Disaster-proof – hurricanes, floods, and tornadoes, oh my! In the midst of natural difficulties a business can easily shut down until the crises pass. But with the desktop phones, simply take them with you and plug into another place with internet service. You are instantly back in business again.

Initial Cost Can be 92% Less

Apart from the handsets, Bedford Texas managed hosted VOIP platforms do not require you to pay for costly hardware. Let’s do a price comparison: A Phone system costs somewhere between $20, 000 to $100, 000; Handsets cost anywhere between $150-$300 each. What’s in your budget? You are able to lease an old-fashioned Phone system, but you’ll still be paying off the list price, plus interest charges. On the flip side, you have to pay nothing for the managed hosted VoIP Phone system – you simply purchase handsets.



Ownership Doesn’t Mean it Owns You

Savings starts off with hardware, but you do not have to worry about overpriced maintenance or technical support either. It really is uncommon for a managed hosted VOIP system to fail, but in such a situation, the fault can be at the providers data center. Do not fret about high repair prices. The service provide manages them. Do not fret about high repair prices. The service provide manages them



Learn How Much You Could Save with a Hosted VOIP Phone System

The numbers speak on their own – managed hosted VoIP platforms win hands-down. With:

  • Zero upfront costs for installing a complete Telephone system
  • No high-priced leases
  • Only pay for the desktop phones
  • No installation costs for a complicated VOIP Telephone system
  • No have to purchase computer software licenses except if you want some third party computer software as an optional extra
  • Fast and easy training
  • Integrate all your Phone numbers and cells with “Follow Me” capabilities
  • Significant redundant systems, reducing the risk you face from catastrophes

… there’s no question why managed hosted VoIP platforms are leading the market. Discover how much your Corporation may save and how much it may really benefit from a hosted VOIP solution by filling in the form to the right.