Cloud computing is not one service—it’s actually an array of services available in different environments to meet your business needs.


Office Anywhere® hosts your business applications, corporate e-mail, Microsoft Office® and Microsoft SharePoint®, providing secure, real-time interaction between the end user and the central cloud. Applications function as if they were running locally and, in some cases, performance can even be enhanced. Office Anywhere® offers your business improved reliability, mobility, flexibility and security. Office Anywhere® also supports more than 400 line of business applications, and all of the applications and data are stored in the cloud as they are used, so they can be accessed on virtually any PC anywhere in the world or from smartphones.


OfficeSuite is Broadview’s patented, hosted IP phone system. It includes every- thing your business needs to communicate over the phone and online- phones, Internet access, more than 40 features and a web portal for easy administration without capital investment or additional IT resources. Additional options include powerful mobility capabilities and hosted contact and call center services.


Hosted Business E-mail offers Hosted E-mail and Hosted Microsoft Exchange® 2010. Hosted Business E-mail includes anti-spam and anti-virus protection and optional Outlook® integration. Because the e-mail service is in the cloud, the service is available 24/7 and offers complete redundancy. Broadview’s Hosted Business E-mail also offers the ability to mesh both packages in a single domain—to “right-size” your organization based on specific employees’ require- ments. This unique hybrid approach helps to deliver significant cost advantages without compromising required functionality.


Cloud Backup and Recovery is a network-based solution that creates a backup of the data on all of your company’s servers and computers—regardless of location—and allows you to quickly restore files on demand. Cloud Backup and Recovery allows for secure backup over the network as well as physical seeding from your hard drive to speed your initial backup as necessary or return your service quickly should disaster strike.


Hosted Servers offer businesses secure, redundant and scalable server options with a 99.99% SLA guaranteed uptime. Hosted Servers operating in the cloud allow you to simplify operations without any new capital for equipment. Broadview offers two distinct types of servers: dedicated and virtual.

Dedicated servers are physically located in our data centers but built to your specifications—and 100% of the server is allocated to your enterprise. Dedicated Servers deliver increased security and faster access to the network, without any capital investment.

Virtual servers offer your enterprise the flexibility to scale up or down as needed in response to fluctuations in projects, employee needs and seasonal demands. Because the server is virtualized, it can quickly be created with the click of a mouse via an easy-to-use web interface. Virtual Servers deliver the capacity you need, when you need it, without increasing your capital expenditures budget.