Move to Cloud Services

Make the Move to Cloud Services Today!

OSSTelco can address the financial, security, operational and regulatory issues you face. We work with you on the connectivity and operational drawbacks that are necessary to be addressed for an efficient move to cloud based services.

Moving to the “Cloud”

Cloud Migration is literally the migration of systems, data, or both into the “cloud” from a dedicated system. At a basic level, a “cloud” is an unspecified number of physical servers that are “virtualized” so that each physical server hosts a number of “virtual” servers. The cloud services typically have two categories. You can either be a private cloud or a public one. There are a number of differences between the two types of cloud, but the most notable is the difference that a private cloud resides behind the corporate firewall and the public cloud is external to the corporate firewall. This difference means that corporations should be concerned with the criticality and confidentiality of the data and systems moved to the external cloud. In addition, there are regulatory implications of the move which must be considered. However, public clouds offer cost advantages since the functionality is commoditized and can be purchased on an as needed basis.

Cloud Service Models

In addition, there are several models for the use of cloud services. The first model is the “renting” of storage capacity and processor cycles to store and run your own applications. The second is to use the cloud provider for operational systems such as word processing, spreadsheets, e-mail, etc. Productivity and collaboration capabilities will maximize while eliminating the need for software licenses and upgrades. Acquiring Cloud Services is a sure move in the right direction.