What May Happen to Your Organization if You Lost Telephone Service in Colorado Springs?

Voice Service is pivotal to any corporation and most businesses are not prepared if they lose service. In Colorado Springs Colorado, a Business without a managed hosted Phone system risks taking a loss to the tune of hundreds of thousands, even more, every time they can’t speak with their clients, or even other areas of the Business.

  • A legal firm without phone service in Colorado Springs may lose six to twenty-two referrals per day if they could not answer the telephone.
  • Colorado e commerce businesses risk losing as much as tens of thousands through the inability to answer questions from possibilities customers.
  • Companies in Colorado Springs that have multiple office might end up cut off from other parts of the company without voice service.

Do not wait until you are faced with a crisis. Make sure you have a reliable managed hosted PBX Telephone system in Colorado Springs Colorado and safeguard your business.

  • lost services for more than 8 minutes,
  • had more staff needing a Telephone line than available to you Phone lines, or
  • lacked the total capacity to upgrade and grow on demand,

… so if you’ve been dealing with a regular Telephone system then you definitely can appreciate a far remarkable managed hosted PBX system.


89% of Colorado Springs Firms Have the Same Business telephone service Difficulties

Corporations have most certainly been hitting exactly the same primary complications in the telecom business for over fourteen years:

  • Varying minutes of usage, leading to unstable Phone charges;
  • Inexplicable disguised fees, costs and tariffs billed by large Telephone providers;
  • Expansion bottlenecking on account of reduced opportunity inside a “phone cabinet”;
  • You are stuck at the location with limited options to bring your organization to the client and an shortage of ability to be conveniently mobile;

Modern hosted PBX Phone systems are the solution to these complications, giving you the latest capabilities without requiring major investments in costly hardware.


Exactly What is a Hosted PBX Phone system?

A managed hosted Phone system is an advanced yet low-cost telephone system widely accessible today. You won’t ever require an overpriced Telephone system again. These desktop phones then hook up to your service provider via the internet. As opposed to investing in a PBX system for $10,000 to $250,000, your telephones link with their equipment. You will have the best in technology to build your Business at a small fraction of the cost and fewer upkeep or technical issues.


Get the newest and Greatest for Less – Managed hosted PBX – Virtual Telephone Systems

Regular, old-school Telephone cabinets within your office offer you basic functions – extensions, voicemail voicemail and that is about it. Possibly even an intercom. But that is about all. POTS are copper lines found in old houses. To increase your organization volume you may have to upgrade to a fiber optic T1 line for handling your needs. Older Telephone systems had their constraints:

  • Limitations on multitasking and the quantity of lines available for your workers, and
  • A large deterrent for corporation needs because of the constrained quantity of lines available, and
  • Unfortunate disadvantages on the quantity of prospects you help.


Do not Place Unnecessary Limits on Your Prospects, Sales, or Earnings

With managed hosted PBX platforms, your telephones are “powered” by massive PBX platforms that are managed hosted in carrier-grade data centers. The providers could add on capacity on their end as required, enabling you to scale.

Feel reduced? Your old Telephone system might be those chains holding down your Business. With a hosted PBX platforms in Colorado Springs Colorado you have the opportunity to expand Telephone lines, extensions plus more with unlimited opportunity.


What to Expect Out of a Colorado Springs Colorado Managed hosted PBX system

87 capabilities are what managed hosted PBX platforms offer. Each product is modified to efficiently cater to your business needs:

  • 80% Savings on Your Initials Costs – regular Phone platforms have up-front costs and you have to invest in costly platforms and desktop phones. With a managed hosted PBX system, however, you’re only purchasing the handsets.
  • Perpetuate Those Savings – you do not have to maintain an expensive Telephone system, pay upkeep costs and pay for qualified professionals to repair a conventional Telephone system.
  • Grow Your Neighborhood – regular Telephone platforms typically have one “box” or “cabinet” (the PBX) which will work in the one office it is installed at. Instead, hook up with a global stage with a hosted PBX Phone system. This allows for personnel to easily use the system from home, abroad, remote offices, the car, or just about anywhere.
  • Excellent Options – newer Telephone platforms can provide the ability to make conference phone calls, switch on the “follow me” feature which could direct your call to your cell Phone or desktop computer, and time-based routing, which may push your phone calls to different places dependant upon the time of the day. And much more.
  • Get Local – with a hosted PBX you can get Phone numbers in almost area code, giving the sense of a local presence in their market.
  • Toll Free Numbers – no problem with a Managed hosted Phone system.
  • Speedy Setup – unlike conventional Phone platforms, there’s no need to wait months for your system to be configured and delivered. Using new modern IP phones, they literally plug into your network, enter a few settings and you are ready to go.
  • No Qualified professionals Required – with the easy to use handsets, you never have to worry about costly technicians. If there is a problem then a remote diagnosis is all that’s required. If that doesn’t work then the Company will send you another Phone to plug in. For troubles that can not be fixed remotely, they can simply ship you another Telephone to simply plug in.
  • On-the-Go Voicemail voicemail – No matter where you go, a managed hosted Phone system will convert your voicemail into a sound file and forward it to you via text messaging or email – or right to your smartphone. How do you want to stay connected? Many can also turn the message into text and email or text it to your Phone. Whatever you prefer.
  • Auto Attendants for All Companies at Fortune 500 Grade – once reserved for corporate enterprises and Fortune 500s, the auto attendant platforms with prompts are now available for firms both large and small. Even if you’re a sole proprietor, that doesn’t exclude you from modern platforms – so feel free to update like the big boys. With managed hosted PBX systems, this technology may be available to firms of any size, even if they only have one worker!
  • Keep Track of Worker Work productivity – traditional Telephone systems are not readily equipped to deal with tracking with out costly software and equipment upgrades. A managed hosted PBX system in Colorado Springs Colorado has everything you need to keep accurate records because it’s digital. Hosted PBX platforms in Colorado Springs Colorado avoid this with computerized methods.
  • Route Calls Over Landlines, Cell Telephones and Voice Over IP – growing businesses need the ability to be mobile. Routing your calls anywhere provides you with this freedom whether they are landlines, cellphones or voice-over IPs.
  • Route Based on Skillsets – save on time and resources with a hosted PBX Phone system auto attendant that correctly directs calls to the appropriate department or staff member.
  • Smartphone Applications Working with Your Hosted PBX – being connected to the internet means integrating your managed hosted PBX with your mobile devices is a no-brainer. With a wide range of applications that exist, communicating somewhere between your service and smartphone is easy.
  • Branded Portals – part of the benefit of the service is its simplicity of use. With simple click options on the dashboard you are able to route calls, alter your greetings, assign extensions plus more. With nothing even more than a click, you can switch welcome messages, check voicemails, route phone calls, allocate extensions, and so much more.
  • Record Phone calls or Archive Them – with a click you have the choice to record and archive phone calls for coaching purposes or compliance to local or federal laws
  • Integrate with CRM Platforms – customized and synchronized analytics that permit you to maximize sales and review your sales records.
  • API’s – API’s allow for you to have custom software that can talk to your hosted PBX to automate more of your workload.
  • Prevent the Risk of Calamity – natural troubles can happen, and there’s not a lot we can do, fortunately a managed hosted PBX means you don’t have to worry about your telephones.


Save Up To 92% on Your Up Front Prices

Your only obligation for a managed hosted PBX Phone system in Colorado Springs Colorado is the acquire of desktop phones. Regular PBX platforms are rarely cheaper than $20,000, whereas desktop telephones are rarely more high-priced than $300, so the financial positives are clear. You may think leasing a regular Telephone system is a great choice, but you’re still paying the full price, now together with interest. However, with managed hosted PBX Telephone platforms, you are only spending money on the handsets.


Cheaper Total Cost of Ownership

Along with the savings on the equipment, additionally, you will be seeing savings on tech support and upkeep. Though a hosted PBX system rarely breaks down, the service provider takes care of mechanical or technical issues. Experts would already be there and ready to repair the problem. Any such repairs would set you back absolutely nothing, as it’s the providers obligation.


Financial Savings Abound with a Hosted Phone System. Learn How

The details tell really the only story that matters – managed hosted PBX systems are the most effective option. With:

  • No up-front costs for a Phone system
  • Only pay for the desktop telephones
  • Your main upfront expense is the price of the handsets
  • No installation service fees for a complex PBX Telephone system
  • You don’t need to buy computer software licenses to make the system work (though you are able to buy third party software to work with your PBX)
  • Straightforward coaching
  • The “Follow Me” feature, which could forward calls to your house Telephone, cell Telephone, or other number
  • Huge redundant systems reducing risk

… it is obvious why Hosted PBX is taking over the market. Submit the short form and learn how your organization can reap the benefits of hosted PBX system solutions.