Cloud Computing

Thinking About Moving to the Cloud?

How you get to the cloud is as important as being there, because being in the cloud isn’t enough. Your access needs to be synced with your overall IT and business goals. That’s why you need a solutions provider that can help you develop a strategy for mapping out the best route to the cloud.

Broadview can create a customizable plan for all of your cloud-based voice and computing needs, helping your business increase productivity and efficiency.
Cloud computing increases flexibility, reduces the total cost of ownership, helps avoid disasters, increases productivity and ensures the safety and security of business data.

With Broadview’s Cloud Computing Services, You Can:

  • Deliver a corporate desktop anytime, anywhere in minutes while maintaining full administrative control.
  • Outsource selected functions to a scalable environment.
  • Publish a line of business applications and grant/restrict access with a few mouse clicks.
  • Automate complex IT workloads through a powerful portal with application management.
  • Stop focusing on the needs of IT and start focusing on the needs of the business.

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