OSS Telco can provide space at 19 colocation centers in 6 cities in New York (Brooklyn, Buffalo, Garden City, New York City, Rochester and Wappingers Falls). Many of these carrier neutral facilities are securely located in major communication hubs, carrier hotels and international communications gateways that enjoy high reputations for the quality and excellence of their service. These collocation sites achieve the highest standards for security, environment and redundancy in providing service to Empire State businesses ranging from the Niagara Frontier, Upstate New York and Western New York to Metropolitan New York City.

These sites provide tenants with cost effective, network neutral solutions that solve interconnection problems, allow multi-carrier networking, provide global options for transport, and enhance business continuity and disaster recovery.

These New York colocation services and facilities provide a neutral marketplace built for your business that delivers comprehensive:

  • Colocation
  • Interconnection
  • Peering solutions

Using the services and capabilities of these 19 centers, we can provide you with the colocation products and services, stability, security, and know-how you require to be successful in meeting your business challenges.

Product & Service Offerings – New York Colocation Space

*(specifications vary by site)

  • Cabinets & Bundled Cabinets:
  • From single 1U shared cabinet spaces to key locking half and full size cabinets, you have the option of leasing only the space you need and expanding as you grow
  • Racks and Bundled Racks
  • Standard and custom Cage configurations
  • HVAC which maintains 72 degrees (± 5) with 30 – 60% humidity at N + 1 redundancy
  • Fire Protection/Suppression with VESDA and Pre-action dry pipe sprinkler systems
  • AC and DC Power:
  • Backup generators
  • Power drawn from multiple grids
  • Uninterruptable Power Systems
  • N + 1 redundancy
  • Roof Space
  • Security:
    • Access Control
    • CCTV and real time video Surveillance with 24/7 monitoring
    • Card Key access
    • Alarm/key monitoring
  • Multiple Communications Entry Points
  • Infrastructure
    • Interconnection Layer 1
    • Cross Connects – DS0, DS1, DS3, Fiber, Ethernet
    • Patch Panels – DS-X, Fiber, Ethernet
    • Conduit and Innerduct
    • Interconnection Layer 2
    • Gigabit Network Interconnections (GNIs) – 100 Mbps, Fractional GigE (333 Mbps), Half GigE (500 Mbps), GigE, NxGigE, Fractional 10 GigE, 10 GigE, OTHER CONNECTIONS configured to your needs at the best prices available.
    • VoIP Exchange
    • Virtual Network Interconnections (VNI)

These state of the art infrastructures keep your equipment running efficiently with 99.999% reliability.

Value added New York data center hosting services serving the entire empire stat from the Niagra frontier, wester New York and Upstate New York to Metropolitan New York City.

  • Web Marketplace
  • Technical Support Plans
  • Program Management
  • Network Timing
  • Peering Services

Managed Services

From operating system installation to the simple press of a reset button, Colocation Anywhere offers a customizable set of services that help you cost effectively manage your colocated servers and equipment.