How to get the best T1 lines for internet service.

While many land-based telecommunications services have turned to either cable, DSL, or even fiber optic, T1 lines are still a viable way of getting on the internet for many businesses. T1 works especially well for many businesses where reliability and availability is of the utmost importance. T1 service is also available where many cable, DSL, and fiber optic providers can not deliver service. T1 lines have become commonplace to the extent that you can find a T1 internet service provider in many areas across North America, and even across the Pacific Ocean in Japan.

Best T1 Internet

T1 technology is well standardized under the T-carrier telecommunications created by Bell Labs. Unlike cable or DSL, T1 internet service is meant to be synchronous in bandwidth, thus enabling an organization serviced by T1 lines to send as much data as they receive. A T1 line is divided into multiple sub-channels, 48 to be exact, making it possible to drop speed if needed by switching off one circuit or more, making T1 services highly flexible. However, when all circuits are enabled, a T1 line can deliver 1.544 megabits of bandwidth.

T1 pricing has gone down over the years, and there is more than one T1 internet service provider to choose from. With various companies providing T1 internet service, it’s not clear which one would be the best the best for your organization. Enter OSSTelco, a company that can help you make an informed decision according to the criteria you specify, whether it’s high reliability, lower cost, or both. OSSTelco will also keep in mind that T1 pricing and service will vary with distance from the central office to which the T1 line will connect to.

So if your organization requires high synchronous bandwidth, high reliability, and availability in your area, then a T1 line will be perfect for you. OSSTelco is highly knowledgeable with regards to T1 internet service providers and will be able to find you the right T1 internet service according to your criteria.

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