In The Event Your Company Lost Hosted VOIP Telephone Service in Hoover, Could it Survive?

Telephone service is pivotal to any company and most firms are not prepared if they lose service. If you do not have a hosted VoIP system then your Company in Hoover Alabama is at risk of losing tens of thousands of dollars or even more since you did not safeguard your corporation and lost communication with your network and clients.

  • A legal firm without telephone service in Hoover may lose six to twenty-two prospects per day if they may not answer the Telephone.
  • Alabama e commerce corporations risk losing as much as tens of thousands through the lack of ability to answer questions from potential clients.
  • Companies in Hoover that have several location would end up cut off from other parts of the company without telephone service.

Getting a dependable managed hosted VOIP Telephone system in Hoover Alabama will help prevent these catastrophes and much more. Feel we are exaggerating? If you have ever:

  • had your service down for even more than eight minutes,
  • an insufficient number of Telephone lines for your employees, or
  • discovered yourself without the capacity to expand when needed,

… then you will be aware of how exceptional a hosted VoIP Phone system is to the regular method.

Have phone service Troubles? You Are Among the 91% of Hoover Businesses

Critical issues have arisen over the course of 14+ years for businesses that have dealt with telecom industries like:

  • Complex formulas for minutes utilization and unpredictable Phone expenses;
  • Poorly (if at all) explained secret prices billed to company by big Phone service providers;
  • Rigid limits without any expansion opportunity in a “phone cabinet” approach;
  • A shortage of features that can improve the production of the modern employee, who could be working at home, numerous locations, even their car, as well as the location;

Modern hosted VOIP Phone platforms offer you all of the most recent features with out any big acquisition of equipment, platforms or service provisioning.

A Hosted VOIP system Spelled out

If you are searching for an affordable telephone system with advanced options then a hosted VoIP Phone system is something to consider. With a managed hosted VOIP, you do not need to have complicated Phone systems installed, simply buy the handsets for your location. The desktop telephones are what keeps you connected to a telephone service provider through the internet. So, with out spending anywhere between $10K to $250K, you could connect your telephones to the host and enjoy the benefits of using their Phone system. You will have the best in platforms to build your Business at a fraction of the cost and little to no upkeep or technical issues.

Managed hosted VoIP Offers You the Latest and Best for Less – Virtual Telephone Systems

Old-school office phones furnished by your local Telephone Company may have extensions, voicemail, and maybe an intercom system. Some include an intercom. That’s usually it. POTS are copper lines found in old houses. To increase your Business volume you may have to update to a fiber optic T1 line for handling your needs. These old Phone systems had limits:

  • Limitations on the number of extensions you can have,
  • Restrictions on multitasking and the number of lines readily available for your employees, and
  • A glass ceiling on how many clients you are able to service.

Do not Limit Your Sales, Do not Limit Your Customers, Don’t Limit Your Earnings

When your Telephone system is powered by a hosted VOIP, you are making use of systems which are housed in carrier-grade data centers. Your Company is growing and so are your needs. The providers add on capacity without interrupting your day-to-day operations.

Managed hosted VoIP platforms in Hoover Alabama practically offers unlimited total capacity to grow your Business and networking circles. You might want to consider your communications options if you still have constrained service with an old Telephone system.

What a Hoover Alabama Hosted VOIP system Can Do For You

87+ features are what hosted VoIP systems offer. Each product is modified to efficiently cater to your Corporation needs:

  • Initial Price Savings of 82% or maybe more – with a regular Phone system you have to buy an high-priced Telephone system plus handsets. With hosted VoIP, you’re only paying for the desktop telephones.
  • Keep the Savings Going – you do not need to maintain an costly Telephone system, pay maintenance prices and pay for technicians to repair an old-fashioned Phone system.
  • National & International Service – with a regular Telephone system, you will typically have a “box” or “cabinet” within your location, which will be the only place it works. A hosted VOIP system, on the other hand, uses desktop phones that connect with the internet, and might be located anywhere in the world. This allows for employees members to easily use the system from home, abroad, remote offices, the car, or just about anywhere.
  • Tremendous Features – these newer systems can provide you with conference calling, the opportunity to use “follow me” functions, which pushes telephone calls to your cell Phone or desktop computer, or time-based routing, which may direct calls to unique places depending on the time of the day. Not to mention much more.
  • Local Telephone Numbers – using a hosted Phone system provides you with the option of having local numbers in almost any area code, making you seem local in any market.
  • Toll Free For All – promote your reach to long-distance customers through your toll-free numbers with the help of the Managed hosted VOIP platforms.
  • Rapid Installation – practically a plug and play, the modern IP telephones simply connect with the network with a few setting adjustments and you are fully operational. With modern IP telephones, you simply plug them into your network, enter some settings, and away you go.
  • No need for Technicians – with these platforms, businesses can usually diagnose equipment troubles remotely, walking you through any necessary settings. If they can’t fix it, they can just ship you another Phone and plug it in.
  • Voicemail-on-the-Go – hosted VoIP platforms provide you with a chance to receive voicemail voicemail, and even transform it to audio to be emailed to you. Certain systems will even translate voicemail into readable formats to be sent to your Phone or email.
  • Top Quality Auto Attendants – in today’s market you have to take advantage of any and all technology in order to stay competitive. Whether you’re a one-man operation or corporate entity, elite auto attendant systems with prompts are available to build your Corporation. It isn’t just for Fortune 500 corporations anymore. Today, businesses with even just one staff member can have that same enterprise technology – often at no additional cost.
  • Track Staff member Work productivity – regular Phone systems required overpriced software and equipment to track phone calls. These methods caused a shortage of accuracy as a result of trying to track Telephone calls.
  • Have Calls Routed Over Cell Telephones VOIP, and Landlines – allow your Corporation as much flexibility to make telephone calls as you can.
  • Skillset Based Call Routing – utilize an auto attendant that can ask questions about the required service and also have the managed hosted VOIP Telephone system route the call accordingly.
  • Smartphone Applications Working with Your Managed hosted VOIP – many apps are available that permit integration anywhere between your Phone system and a mobile device.
  • Branded Portals – they are literally control panels to the workings of your Phone system. With a simple click, you are able to route calls, alter greetings, check voicemail voicemail, allocate extensions, and much more.
  • Archive and Record Phone calls – whether you need to record phone calls for education or just compliance, most systems allow recording at a click.
  • Integrate with CRM Platforms – customized and synchronized analytics that enable you to maximize sales and review your sales records.
  • Advanced Integration with API’s – allow your techs to write programs to talk with the managed hosted VoIP system, automating your workload.
  • Prevent Natural Problems – if a hurricane, storm or other failure hits your location, you do not have a Telephone system to worry about.

Costs Up Front Could Be 86% Less

Desktop phones are the only pay for requirements in Hoover Alabama managed hosted VoIP systems. Conventional VoIP platforms are rarely cheaper than $20, 000, whereas handsets are rarely more expensive than $300, so the financial positives are clear. You may think leasing a conventional Telephone system is an excellent choice, however you are still paying the full price, this time around with interest. On the other hand, with hosted VoIP Phone platforms, you are just spending money on the desktop telephones.



The Total Cost of Ownership is Lower

Whilst the cost savings on equipment are excellent, let’s not forget about the cost savings on maintenance and technical support. Though rare, fixing technical or mechanical breakdowns of a managed hosted Telephone system is covered by the service provider. The providers experts could be there and able to repair the problem. You don’t need to bother about repair prices either. They are covered.



Simply How Much Will a Managed Hosted VoIP Telephone System Save You?

The figures tell a compelling story – hosted VoIP platforms are by far the most affordable option. With:

  • No up-front costs for a Phone system
  • No exorbitantly expensive leases
  • Your only upfront cost is the cost of the handsets
  • Have a complicated VOIP system with $0 installation charges
  • No software licenses (generally speaking, unless you choose to purchase some third party software program to integrate with existing platforms)
  • Training is quick and easyquick and easy
  • Connect your cell, home, or any other number with the “Follow Me” capabilities
  • Safeguarding redundancies for your organization

… it’s clear to see why these platforms are leading the way in the VOIP Telephone marketplace. Discovering the benefits and savings of Hosted VoIP system solutions for your Corporation is straightforward. Simply complete the quick form and you are on the way.