Solutions For Any Size Business

Our Hosted PBX services provide a feature-rich, low-cap ex, maintenance free business phone solution that caters to the SMB’s as well as large multi-location businesses and government agencies.

Hosted PBX

Why use Hosted PBX?

We have all of the latest features and flexibility for your Hosted PBX business phone needs.

Why Use OSS Telco For Your Hosted PBX Service?

Our Hosted PBX solution has the latest features and flexibility to meet the needs of your business, today and tomorrow. With the Hosted PBX solution, your business has one trusted partner to replace up to 5 suppliers who provided your telecommunications systems (Voice Service (Local, Regional & Long Distance), Internet Service) and their maintenance. Further, your business has the advantage of a redundant connection rather than a single connection.

Our Partner Approach

When OSSTELCO acts as your broker  we are constantly providing your Hosted PBX/VoIP solution, we will act as your partner during all phases of the project. Our project management services include initial vendor selection, service agreement negotiations, ongoing expense control, and helping you to make sense of the complicated telecom industry.

Hosted PBX Services

Hosted-PBX Features:

  • Carrier grade reliability with scalability
  • Single System for unified communications
  • Private Voice Networking, Call Control, Unified Messaging
  • Centralized Management: Administrators can make modifications  and changes.
  • Relocate and Grow and have your PBX Phone System easily grow with you.
  • Streamline Deployment and installation.
  • Reduce business phone costs by over 20%.

Hosted-PBX Benefits:

  • Flexibility delivers immediate increase in productivity.
  • Eliminates need to install, support and provision end-user from numerous premise based communications systems.
  • Provided both large and small businesses with a single system.
  • Reduces total cost of business phone system.

Hosted PBX Providers: