As a Hosted PBX customer, you have the option of purchasing 2 different licenses depending on your particular feature and functionality requirements. The Standard plan is designed to provide you unlimited calling and basic features while still enjoying the cost savings associated with VoIP service. If you have multi-locations and/or mobile workers then the Premium plan will provide you with the ability to access your account from anywhere in world. Both options include the same dial plan that allows your company to enjoy unlimited local and regional calling as well as 1,000 minutes of long distance. In addition, we offer ala carte add-ons and mobility options for line-side call enhancements.

Hosted Voice Plan Features



Standard Premium
AddressesAllows you to view and maintain your phone numbers and other identities that are used to make and receive calls.XX
AliasesDirectly access your voice messages from other pre-defined numbers.XX
Call Forwarding AlwaysAutomatically forward all your incoming calls to a different phone number.XX
Call Forwarding BusyAutomatically forward your calls to a different phone number when your phone is busy.XX
Call Forwarding No AnswerAutomatically forward your calls to a different phone number when you do not answer your phone after a certain number of rings.XX
Call NotifySend an e-mail with the caller’s name and number to a specified e-mail address when pre-defined criteria, such as phone number, time of day or day of week, are met.XX
Calling Name RetrievalProvide a caller’s name by retrieving the calling name from the network.XX
Calling Party CategoryAllows a category to be associated with a subscriber. The category is included in the signaling for all outgoing calls.XX
ConfigurationWrite custom CPL scripts to load into the system to perform specialized call control.XX
Customer Originated TraceIssue a trace to your service provider for your last incoming call by using a feature access code.XX
Do Not DisturbAutomatically forward your calls to your voice messaging service, if configured, otherwise the caller hears a busy tone.XX
Flash Call HoldHold a call with a feature access code when using a simple phone without call control capability.XX
Client Call ControlProvide access to your account for third-party call control applications.XX
Directed Call PickupPick up a call using a feature access code and an extension.XX
Distribution ListsCreate multiple distribution lists to use with voice messaging.XX
External Calling Line ID DeliveryProvides Calling Line ID information of an external caller.XX
Feature Access CodesDisplay the feature access codes (star codes) for your services.XX
GreetingsLoad or modify your voice messaging greetings.XX
Group DirectoryDisplay the group directory list.XX
Intercept UserPrevent your phone number from receiving calls.XX
Internal Calling Line ID DeliveryProvide Calling Line ID information of group member when called.XX
Last Number RedialCall the last number that you dialed.XX
Call TransferTransfer a call to another phone.XX
Call WaitingAnswer a call while already on another call.XX
Music/Video On HoldPlay audio (music) or video when the remote party is held or parked.XX
PasswordsSet web access and portal passwords.XX
ProfileDisplay and configure profile information such as your name, department and address.XX
Speed Dial 8Dial a pre-defined number by dialing only one digit.XX
Speed Dial 100Dial a pre-defined number by dialing a Speed Dial 100 prefix and two digits.XX
Three-Way CallStart a conference call.XX
Time SchedulerAdd, modify, or remove time schedules.XX
Voice ManagementRecord messages for calls that are not answered within a specified number of rings or for busy calls.XX
Voice PortalChange voice portal options for the user.XX
Outlook IntegrationAccess your Outlook contact information from your CommPilot Call Manager.X
Automatic Hold/RetrieveAutomatically place incoming calls on hold, or automatically retrieve a held call.X
BroadWorks AnywhereConfigure the fixed and mobile phones you would like to link to this account.X
BroadWorks Assistant – EnterprisA toolbar for Microsoft Outlook and Internet Explorer that enables users to perform basic call control, and configure commonly used services.X
Call Forwarding SelectiveAutomatically forward your incoming calls to a different phone number when pre-defined criteria, such as the phone number, time of day or day of week, are met.X
Priority AlertRing your phone with a distinctive ring when pre-defined criteria, such as phone number, time of day or day of week, are met.X
Call Processing PoliciesConfigure user-level Call Processing Policies.X
Fax MessagingReceive and manage faxes via your voice messaging mailbox.X
Personal Phone ListConfigure a list of numbers to allow quick dialing from your CommPilot Call Manager.X
Push to TalkMake and selectively receive Push to Talk calls.X
Call Application PoliciesSelect Call Control Applications enabled for a user.X
BroadWorks CommunicatorBroadWorks Communicator is a basic audio-only soft client.X
CommPilot ExpressManage incoming calls based on four pre-configured profiles.X
Outgoing MWIEnables the system to send MWI events to external devices.X
PrivacySet your visibility within the Enterprise or Group.X
Remote OfficeUse the full CommPilot Call Manager functionality from another phone.X
Selective AcceptanceAccept calls when pre-defined criteria, such as phone number, time of day or day of week are met.X
Selective RejectionReject calls when pre-defined criteria, such as phone number, time of day or day of week, are met.X
Sequential RingRing multiple phones sequentially when calls are received.X
Shared Call AppearanceDisplay alternate calling identity/device profiles or lines assigned to you.X
Simultaneous Ring PersonalRing multiple phones simultaneously when calls are received.X
Alternate NumbersAllow up to ten additional phone numbers and extensions, with each number having a distinctive ringing pattern.X
Automatic CallbackAllows you to monitor a busy party in your group and automatically establish a call when the busy party is available.X
Directed Call Pickup with Barge-inPick up or barge-in on a call using a feature access code and an extension.X
CommPilot Call ManagerProvide a web-based client for a user instead of using star codes or pressing the flash hook. The client provides a visual, graphical user interface that is used to initiate, manipulate, and release calls.X
Line ID BlockingPrevent your phone number from being displayed when calling other numbers.X
Call ReturnReturn a call to the last party that called you, whether or not the call was answered.X
Barge-in ExemptBlock barge-in attempts from other users with Directed Call Pickup with Barge-in.X
Busy Lamp FieldAllows monitoring user phone status via a SIP Attendant Console Phone.X
Anonymous RejectionPrevent a caller from reaching you when the caller has explicitly restricted his/her number.X
Calling Line ID Blocking OverrideAllows a user to override calling line identity presentation restrictions.X