What if Your Organization Lost Voice Service in Independence – Would Your Business Stay Alive?

Losing voice service can be a real death nail in the coffin of any Company, big or small. When the loss of communication happens, a corporation fails to stay in touch with their customers and personnel. This raises the potential of losing many thousands of dollars or more a reality for companies in Independence Missouri with no managed hosted PBX Phone system.

  • A legal firm in Independence might potentially lose between six and twenty-two referrals per day if they lose voice service and can not answer the Phone.
  • E Commerce corporations in Missouri may suffer to the tune of thousands of dollars on missed out sales as a result of not being able to speak with possibilities clients.
  • With out appropriate voice service, a multi-office Company in the Independence area could be adversely impacted because they are cut-off from the rest of their operations.

Corporations in Independence Missouri can prevent this catastrophe with a dependable managed hosted PBX Telephone system. Think this all a bit over the top? Well, have you ever:

  • encountered 7 minutes of service outages,
  • use up all your available Phone lines for your workers, or
  • lacked the total capacity to upgrade and grow on demand,

… you now start to see the value of a managed hosted PBX system over old fashioned Phone systems.

Business Telephone Service Troubles Afflict 90% of Independence Corporations

In the telephony business, companies have been encountering the same root problems for more than fifteen years:

  • Unpredictable billing and questionable minutes charges;
  • Big Telephone companies charging inexplicable or disguised charges;
  • Little to no potential to improve or extend your services;
  • You are stuck at the location with limited options to bring your Corporation to the client and an being unable to be conveniently mobile;

Modern hosted PBX Telephone systems offer you all the most up to date functions with out any big purchase of equipment, technology or service provisioning.

A Hosted PBX Phone System Explained

A hosted PBX Telephone product is a surprisingly low-cost solution to business telephone systems which is widely available today. You are not stuck with overpriced Telephone platforms anymore – now you have choices. These desktop telephones then link to your service provider over the internet. This option allows you to connect your phones to a PBX system without spending a small fortune to the tune of $10,000 to $250,000. So you obtain the very latest platforms at a small fraction of the cost, and your provider takes care of the maintenance of the technology, so no need for experts.

Get the Newest and Greatest For Less – Managed Hosted PBX – Virtual Phone Platforms

Traditional Telephone cabinets that you might consider putting in your office will give you basics, at best, such as voicemail or extensions. Many have an intercom. But that is about all. To update, you may need to install a T1 with dedicated voice line channels or spend a fortune with archaic POTS lines to keep up with the demand. Older Phone systems had their restrictions:

  • A low maximum on how many extensions you could have,
  • Restrictions on the number of lines people may use, and
  • Limitations on the quantity of customers you are able to service.

Do Not Limit Your Sales, Customers, or Your Income

Managed hosted PBX systems are typically run from carrier-grade data centers, meaning that your PBX Telephone system will be powerful and professional. The providers can also add on capacity on their own end when needed, enabling you to scale.

Hosted PBX platforms in Independence Missouri can offer you almost unlimited total capacity, whereas a Telephone system’s inside your office will likely be limited to a certain quantity of extensions, Telephone lines, and capabilities.

Hosted PBX Platforms in Independence Missouri – What’s in It For You?

87 features are what hosted PBX platforms offer. While each product is unique, most offer some benefits to help you increase business:

  • 79% Savings on Your Initials Prices – with the more old fashioned systems, you not only have to acquire desktop phones, but the telephone system itself, which could be very costly. With cost-cutting in mind, a managed hosted PBX Phone system only requires you to acquire their desktop telephones.
  • Ongoing Price Savings – you do not need to maintain an expensive Telephone system, pay maintenance costs and pay for specialists to repair a conventional Telephone system.
  • Service Nationwide or Globally – conventional Phone systems typically have one “box” or “cabinet” (the PBX) which will work in the one location it is installed at. But a hosted PBX Telephone system has the capability to link worldwide from any location. Remote offices, travelers, road warriors, work from home, temporary location – can all connect in seconds.
  • Exceptional Options – spelled out in more detail below, newer platforms can give you conference calling, “follow me” which allows telephone calls ring on your cell Phone or home pc, time-based routing, sending phone calls in unique directions by day and time, and more.
  • Be Local – with a managed hosted PBX you are able to get Telephone numbers in almost area code, giving the sense of a local presence in their market.
  • Offer Toll Free Numbers – promote your reach to long-distance clients using your toll-free numbers with the help of the Managed hosted PBX systems.
  • Configuration is Quick – with hosted PBX platforms, there is no have to wait for months for your Telephone system to be configured and shipped. Simply plug in your IP Phone desktop phone to your network, enter a few settings, and you’re done.
  • No requirement for Technicians – at times a Phone might “act up”. With a call, your Phone can be remotely diagnosed and the representative can talk you through the settings. If it comes to it, a new Phone will be sent with the correct configurations so all you have to do is plug it in. No technicians required. Easy, right? In fact, a lot of corporations have spare handsets in the location for just such an occasion.
  • On-the-Go Voicemail messages – one advantage of managed hosted PBX platforms i the ability to receive voicemail messages, transform it to sound, and email it to you. Certain platforms will even transform voicemail into readable formats to be sent to your Phone or email.
  • All Firms can Have Fortune 500 Grade Auto Attendants – auto attendant systems with prompts are readily available for businesses big or small. Once reserved for top corporations and Fortune 500s, this systems was out of reach for small corporation because it was cost inhibitive. Not anymore! Your Company will benefit from modern technology without emptying your wallet. With managed hosted PBX platforms, this technology can be available to businesses of any size, even if they only have one worker!
  • Stay on Top of Employee Production – older Telephone platforms needed expensive supplemental software and equipment to track telephone calls. Accuracy suffered as a result of the platforms trying to track Phone connections.
  • Landlines, Cell Telephones and Voice Over IPs – Oh My! – have a chance to route phone calls anywhere you go and company maximum flexibility to take calls anywhere.
  • Skillset Based Call Routing – PBX Telephone platforms provide auto attendants that prompt your callers and redirects them to the appropriate section or employee. This frees your call center or receptionist to take care of other duties.
  • Integrate Your Phone System with Smart Phones – being connected to the internet means integrating your managed hosted PBX with your mobile devices is a no-brainer. With a wide range of applications that exist, communicating between your service and smartphone is not hard.
  • Portal Branding – with a simple click, these control panel software offer you control over your system: allocating extensions, route phone calls, and system options like altering your greetings, voicemail options, and much more. Click to allocate extensions. Click to route phone calls. Click to change greetings, voicemail voicemail and much more. Click – Click. That simple.
  • Archive Your Phone calls, or simply just Record Them – Telephone systems will often allow recording at a single click, whether for coaching or simply compliance.
  • CRM Integration – CRM integration gives your sales team the opportunity to dial right from their screen at the click of a button.
  • API’s – means Application Program Interface, which allows the software components of your communications system to “speak” to each other.
  • Steer clear of Problem – with a managed hosted PBX Telephone system, natural troubles that would floor a traditional Telephone system are will no longer a problem.

Initial Cost Can Be 86% Less

Independence Missouri managed hosted PBX platforms don’t require you to acquire equipment, except for the handsets. A PBX Phone system can cost around $100,000, whereas desktop phones are typically anywhere between $150 and $300, so it isn’t hard to see the appeal there. While old fashioned Telephone platforms do offer leasing, you are always paying off the full price for that system – plus interest. With a managed hosted PBX Telephone system, alternatively, you’re simply purchasing the handsets.

Total Cost of Ownership Is Lower

It is not just about savings on equipment, there’s also cost savings on maintenance and tech support. As rare as it is for a hosted Phone system to fail, any failure can be at the providers data center. The providers qualified professionals might be there and able to repair the problem. Don’t fret about high repair costs. The service provide handles them


How Much Will a Hosted PBX System Save You?

By implementing a managed hosted PBX system for your organization you will get

  • Uncomplicated Telephone platforms. No up-front prices
  • No exorbitantly overpriced leases
  • Only pay for the desktop phones
  • No installation fees for a complicated Phone system
  • No software package licenses excluding independent third party computer software
  • Straightforward training
  • Link your cell, home, or any other number with the “Follow Me” functions
  • Considerable redundant systems, decreasing the potential risk you face from catastrophes

… it’s obvious to see why these platforms are leading the way in the PBX Phone marketplace. To learn just how much your Corporation may save and how much it may take advantage of a managed hosted PBX solution, complete the fast form to the right.