You’ve Lost Hosted VOIP Voice Service in Lafayette. Can Your Business Survive It?

Whether you are a small Mom and Pop place or a large corporation, if you lose telephone service you are fundamentally out of corporation. In a worst-case-scenario, firms in Lafayette Indiana that do corporation with no managed hosted Phone system as a safety net are at risk of losing money in the tens of thousands if they lost external and internal communication.

  • With out telephone service, a law firm in Lafayette stands to drop somewhere between six and eighteen prospects each and every day.
  • Indiana e commerce companies risk losing as much as tens of thousands through the deficit of ability to answer questions from potential clients.
  • With out sufficient phone service, a multi-office Company in the Lafayette area could be negatively impacted because they are cut-off from the remainder of their operations.

Companies in Lafayette Indiana can prevent this calamity with a reliable hosted VOIP Phone system. Think all this somewhat over the top? Well, if you have ever:

  • experienced 7 minutes of service outages,
  • had more staff needing a Phone line than available for you Telephone lines, or
  • discovered yourself lacking in the capacity to expand as required,

… then you discover why a hosted VoIP is so preferable over a traditional Phone system.

You Are Amongst 89% of Lafayette Businesses Conflicted By Their Company telephone service

Companies have consistently had the identical difficulties with the telephony sector for greater than fourteen years. For instance:

  • Erratic fluctuations in minutes of Phone usage and billing;
  • Poorly (if at all) explained hidden costs billed to corporation by large Telephone carriers;
  • Expansion bottle necking due to confined potential inside of a “phone cabinet”;
  • A total shortage of output boosting functions that can be a big help for people working out of the office, at numerous offices, or even from their vehicle;

Fortunately, modern managed hosted VOIP Telephone systems can supply you with the most current capabilities without the need to invest in overpriced hardware.

Exactly What is a Managed hosted VoIP Telephone system?

Easily accessible to your Company, a managed hosted Telephone system is a cost-effective telephone system. You’re not stuck with high-priced Telephone platforms anymore – now you have choices. Those desktop phones connect, via the Internet, back to a telephone service provider. So, without spending between $10K to $250K, you can link your telephones to the host and enjoy the benefits of using their VOIP system. So you receive the very newest platforms at a small fraction of the cost, and your provider manages the maintenance of the platforms, so no need for specialists.

Hosted VOIP Gives You the Latest and Best for Less – Virtual Telephone Systems

Old-school office phones furnished by your local Phone Company might have extensions, voicemail, and maybe an intercom system. Maybe even an intercom. But that’s about all. POTS lines (those old copper lines you might find in old houses), or T1‘s with dedicated channels would need to be brought in for voice lines. These old Telephone systems had restrictions:

  • Constraints on the number of extensions you could have,
  • A constrained number of lines available for people to use, and
  • A growth stopping limit on the number of prospects you are able to service.

Don’t Limit Your Clients, Sales, or Earnings

When your Telephone product is operated by a managed hosted VOIP, you are making use of platforms that are housed in carrier-grade data centers. Need more capacity? Our providers enable you to scale up and expand with ease.

Hosted VoIP systems in Lafayette Indiana practically offers unlimited capacity to grow your company and networking circles. It may be in your best interest to consider your communications options if you still have constrained service with an old Phone system.

What to Expect Out of a Lafayette Indiana Hosted VOIP Phone system

Managed hosted VOIP platforms boast up to 87 unique functions – and much more. While each system is different, most offer some advantages to help you increase corporation: Perhaps you do not need all the bells and whistles, which is why each system is tailored to your corporation needs:

  • Save up to 87% or more – old fashioned Phone systems require purchases of pricey packages and handsets for their service. With a managed hosted Telephone system, however, you’re only purchasing the handsets.
  • Ongoing Price Savings – then chances are you have witnessed astronomical maintenance and repair prices for your old Phone system. Now you don’t have to worry about that ever happening again.
  • Service Nationwide or Internationally – or a main box from a regular Telephone system in Lafayette Indiana geared toward one main location. But a managed hosted Telephone system has the capability to link worldwide from any location. This allows for all kinds of workers to use the system, not just those in the location.
  • Tremendous Capabilities – these newer systems can offer you conference calling, the opportunity to use “follow me” functions, which pushes calls to your cell Telephone or laptop or computer, or time-based routing, which could direct telephone calls to distinct places depending on the time of the day. Not to mention much more.
  • Local Telephone Numbers – a hosted VoIP allows you to have a local presence because you can keep a local Telephone number in just about any area code.
  • Offer Toll-free Numbers – managed hosted VoIP platforms work great with these.
  • Rapid Installation – no have to wait months for a system to be configured and shipped to you. With modern IP phones, you simply plug them into your network, enter some settings, and away you go.
  • No Technical Help Required – problems with equipment can often be diagnosed remotely, taking you through the settings. A replacement Phone could even be shipped in the case of unfixable complications.
  • Mobile Voicemail voicemail – one advantage of managed hosted VoIP platforms i the ability to receive voicemail, translate it to sound, and email it to you. Certain platforms will even turn voicemail into readable formats to be sent to your Phone or email.
  • Fortune 500 Grade Auto Attendants for All Companies – auto attendant platforms, complete with prompts and self-help, were typically only used by large, nationwide companies. With managed hosted a VoIP system, companies as small as one-person-enterprises can make use of this professional technology, often at no extra cost.
  • Track Staff member Output – regular Phone systems required high-priced software and equipment to track telephone calls. Accuracy suffered as a result of the systems trying to track Telephone connections.
  • Route Your Calls – growing businesses need the ability to be mobile. Routing your phone calls anywhere provides you with this freedom whether they are landlines, cellphones or voice-over IPs.
  • Direct Your Telephone calls – VOIP Phone systems provide auto attendants that prompt your callers and redirects them to the correct office or employee. This frees your contact center or receptionist to deal with other responsibilities.
  • Integrate Your Phone system with Mobile Apps – being connected to the internet means integrating your managed hosted VOIP with your mobile devices is a no-brainer. With a wide range of apps that exist, communicating between your service and smartphone is easy.
  • Portal Branding – using the portals, you can easily take control of your Phone system. With nothing greater than a click, you could change voicemail greetings, check voicemails, route phone calls, allocate extensions, and so much more.
  • Archive and Record Calls – with a click you’ve got the option to record and archive calls for coaching purposes or compliance to local or federal laws
  • Integrate with CRM for Efficiency – CRM integration gives your sales team the ability to dial straight from their screen at the click of a button.
  • API’s – allow your techs to write programs to talk with the managed hosted Telephone system, automating your workload.
  • Disaster-proof – if a natural catastrophe were to his your office, a managed hosted VoIP system means you don’t have to worry about overpriced down time.

Up Front Expenses Might Be up to 86% Less

Handsets aside, Lafayette Indiana managed hosted VOIP platforms don’t require the paying for hardware to function. Conventional VOIP systems are rarely cheaper than $20, 000, whereas handsets are rarely more expensive than $300, so the financial positives are clear. Leasing options are available with standard Phone platforms – but be ready to pay full price with interest. Free is good, and you pay absolutely nothing for the hosted VOIP system. Your expenses are limited to the price of the handsets.



The Total Cost of Ownership is Lower

It isn’t just about savings on equipment, there are also savings on maintenance and technical support. A break in service almost never happens with a hosted VoIP Telephone system however, the service provider manages any host failures. Qualified professionals might already be there and able to fix the problem. You don’t need to panic about repair prices either. They are covered.



Just How Much Will a Managed Hosted VoIP Telephone System Save You?

With managed hosted VoIP systems on your side you get:

  • Installation of Phone systems without the up-front prices
  • No overpriced leases
  • Pay just for the desktop phones
  • Zero charges for a complicated Telephone system installation
  • Unless you are integrating third-party software there aren’t any software package licenses to worry about
  • Fast and easy training
  • “Follow Me” capabilities that consolidate all Phone numbers like your cell phone, home, or corporation
  • Extensive risk-reducing fail safes

… it stands to reason why Managed hosted VoIP is leading the marketplace. Merely complete the short form to the right, and see just how much your Company can save, as well as how much it may really benefit from a hosted VoIP solution.