Network Analysis is the examination and definition of a company’s network.

It includes the documentation of circuits and contract obligations with the goal of producing a baseline from which a network management plan can be developed. At the customer’s option, the usage and other characteristics of each circuit in the network can be examined to identify circuits which are candidates for elimination for various reasons including “0” usage or which are off contract and replaceable by lower cost, equal (or greater) capacity circuits. In addition, a network audit can review the prices being charged for circuits and services vs the contract prices and current market prices.

In many cases where the network has “just grown” over the years with voice and data circuits being added on a decentralized basis a network analysis serves as the basis for centralized management and cost containment. In addition, there are situations where the network analysis can assist in security enhancements as well as capacity constraint alleviation.

A network analysis is also useful where the network is dated and possibly obsolete. The network analysis, by identifying the circuits and detailing their specification as well as their price, serves as a baseline for either a network upgrade and/or price renegotiation.

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