Complete OfficeSuite Features List:

Included Features
  • Hot Desking
    Make and receive calls and use all included features from any phone
    Account Codes Auto-Attendant Auto-Attendant – Nested Auto-Generated Key Labels Broadcast Groups
    Business Quality Voice Lines Call Coverage Call Coverage – Incoming Call Routing Call Detail Records Call Display Call Forward Call Hold Call Hunting (circular and linear) Call Park/Retrieve Call Permissions Profiles (by user) Call Transfer Caller ID with Name Caller’s List (inbound & outbound) Click-to-Call from OfficeSuite® Web Portal
  • Call Coverage
    Direct incoming calls to any phone and change locations anytime online
  • Auto Attendant
    Allow callers to use a menu to self-select how their call is routed
  • Monitoring
    Know when another employee is on the phone
  • Voicemail
    Get notifications and messages on any phone, online or by e-mail
    E911 Compliant Extension Dialing (3 or 4 digit) Headset Capable Hot Desking Intercom Join/Leave Call Groups Join/Merge Calls Local Phone Numbers (1 per station) Multiple CLID’s Multiple Line Appearances Music on Hold Mute My Phone Web Page Online Management (user and tenant level) Online Self-help Documentation Phone Directory – Employee Phone Directory – External Phone Key Profiles (by user type) Power over Ethernet Phones (IEEE 802.3af)
    Private CLID’s Programmable Keys Redial Redirect – Emergency Forwarding Site Page (via speakerphone) Speaker Phone (Standard and Executive) Speed Dial, one-touch
    Station Busy Lamp Indicator – Silent Three-way Calling Transfer Direct to Voice Mail Visual Voice Mail Web Portal
    Voice Mail Voice Mail Auto-Forward all to e-mail ID
    Voice Mail Message Waiting Indicator (MWI) Voice Mail Return Call During VM Retrieval Voice Mail, Forward to Co-Worker Ext. Voice Mail, Out-Dial From Voice Mail Voicemail Notification via e-mail or SMS text Zero Out of Voice Mail – Personal Target

Optional Premium Features and Services

*Additional fees and charges apply

  • Additional Local Phone Numbers
  • Mobile Twinning
  • Custom On Hold Announcement
  • Enhanced Call Redirect
  • Teleworker Extensions
  • Non-Native Phone Numbers
  • Premium Customer Service
  • Toll-Free Phone Numbers
  • Automatic Voice Failover