You’ve Lost Hosted VOIP Phone Service in Sandy Springs. Can Your Corporation Survive It?

The deficit of voice service can put businesses out of business, regardless of how large or small they are. In a worst-case-scenario, businesses in Sandy Springs Georgia that operate without any managed hosted Phone system as a safety net are at risk of losing money in the tens of thousands if they lost external and internal communication.

  • With the being unable to answer the Phone, a law firm in Sandy Springs could miss out on eight to eighteen recommendations per day.
  • An ecommerce Business in Georgia might lose many thousands of dollars in new sales, unable to answer questions of prospective clients on their website.
  • Firms in Sandy Springs that have many office might end up cut-off from other areas of the business without voice service.

It is not a question of if it happens – but when. Prevent failure from befalling your Corporation and be sure you have a dependable hosted VOIP Telephone system in Sandy Springs [STATE

  • encountered 7 minutes of lost service,
  • ended up with more staff members than available Phone lines, or
  • were incapable to expand or upgrade when you really needed to

… then you’ll be aware of how superior a hosted VOIP Phone system is to the standard method.

Similar Voice Service Problems Influence 90% of Sandy Springs Firms

In over 17 years in the telephony sector, firms have hit exactly the same difficulties over and over:

  • Hard to plan for Phone expenses with changing minutes of use;
  • The large Telephone providers benefiting from mysterious disguised fees, prices and tariffs;
  • Reduced expansion opportunity within a “phone case”;
  • A dearth of obtainable capabilities that will help personnel be effective wherever they are carrying out work, may it be in the office, in multiple locations, or even from their car;

Modern hosted VOIP Phone systems are the solution to these difficulties, giving you the latest features with out requiring major investments in costly hardware.

What are These Hosted VoIP Platforms?

Managed hosted VOIP systems are advanced and integrated telephone platforms which are friendly to your budget. With a managed hosted VoIP, you don’t have to have sophisticated Telephone platforms installed, simply purchase the handsets for your office. These handsets then hook up to your service provider online. By doing this, you avoid the need to spend anywhere from $10, 000 to £250, 000 on your own Phone system by connecting to a hosted one. So you obtain the very newest systems at a small fraction of the cost, and your provider manages the maintenance of the platforms, so no need for experts.

Get the latest & Greatest: Virtual Phone Systems – A Managed hosted VOIP

Traditional Phone cabinets that you might consider putting inside your location will provide you with basics, at best, such as voicemail messages or extensions. Several provide an intercom. That’s usually it. To upgrade, you may have to install a T1 with dedicated voice line channels or spend a fortune with archaic POTS lines to keep up with the demand. Old Phone platforms are reduced by:

  • A low maximum on how many extensions you could have,
  • A minimal quantity of lines readily available for people to use, and
  • A glass ceiling on how many prospects you could service.

Don’t Place Unnecessary Limits on Your Prospects, Sales, or Income

With managed hosted VoIP, your Phone system will be powered by massive remote platforms that are housed in carrier-grade data centers. Capacity can be added by the provider on their end as required, enabling you to scale.

Unlike in-house Phone systems, which are often confined to a certain number of extensions, Telephone lines, and other capabilities, hosted VoIP systems in Sandy Springs Georgia can offer practically unlimited capacity.

Businesses in Sandy Springs Georgia Need Managed hosted VOIP Systems

With even more than 87 unique functions available, a VOIP system is competitive and desirable for your Business needs. Being effective and efficient is how your Corporation will benefit and grow:

  • Save up to 85% or maybe more – conventional Telephone platforms involve the buying of… well, a Telephone system, which isn’t cheap. With managed hosted VOIP, you’re only purchasing the handsets.
  • Perpetuate Those Savings – with worry-free service, you do not have to maintain an high-priced Phone system or pay for maintenance or repairs.
  • Nationally or Worldwide – with a old fashioned Telephone system, you will typically have a “box” or “cabinet” inside your location, which will be the only place it works. Instead, link to a global stage with a hosted VoIP Phone system. This allows for workers to easily use the system from home, abroad, remote offices, the car, or just about anywhere.
  • Great Features – conference telephone calls, “follow me” options, call forwarding and routing, and more – those are what you get with newer systems to enhance your organization.
  • Local Phone Numbers – with a managed hosted VOIP you are able to get Telephone numbers in almost area code, giving the sense of a local presence in their market.
  • Toll Free Numbers – these work great in tandem with a hosted VoIP Telephone system.
  • Quick Installation – practically a plug and play, the modern IP telephones simply hook up with the network with a few setting adjustments and you are fully operational. Using new modern IP telephones, they literally plug into your network, enter a few settings and you are ready to go.
  • No Technical Help Required – these companies can diagnose most equipment complications remotely, walking you through the necessary settings. In fact, a lot of businesses have spare desktop telephones in the office for just such an occasion.
  • On-the-Go Voicemail – one advantage of hosted VOIP systems i a chance to receive voicemail, translate it to sound, and email it to you. Many can also turn the voice message into text and email or text it to your Telephone. Whatever you prefer.
  • Fortune 500 Grade Auto Attendants for All Corporations – auto attendant systems with prompts are available for businesses big or small. Once reserved for top corporations and Fortune 500s, this platforms was out of reach for small company because it was cost inhibitive. Not anymore! Your Company will take advantage of modern technology with out going broke. With managed hosted VOIP platforms, this technology can be available to businesses of any size, even if they only have one staff member!
  • Keep Track of Worker Work productivity – conventional Phone platforms required overpriced software and equipment to track calls. With a managed hosted Telephone system in Sandy Springs Georgia, tracking is computerized and accurate.
  • Route Phone calls Over Cell Phones, VOIP, and Landlines – give your Corporation maximum flexibility to take calls anywhere.
  • Direct Your Telephone calls – provide an auto attendant that asks questions about the type of service needed and the managed hosted VOIP Telephone system will route to the correct workforce.
  • Integrate Your Managed hosted VoIP with Smart Telephone Apps – integrating your smartphone and telephone service is available with a wide range of applications on the market.
  • Create Your Mark with Portal Branding – portals are the dashboards of your Telephone system. Click to allocate extensions. Click to route phone calls. Click to change voicemail greetings, voicemail voicemail voicemail plus more. Click – Click. That simple.
  • Archive Your Telephone calls, or just Record Them – most systems permit the recording of a call at a click, whether it really is for coaching or compliance.
  • Integrate with CRM for Efficiency – your sales or customer satisfaction team may be reviewing information on the screen, and with one click, the Telephone dials itself.
  • Advanced Integration with API’s – means Application Program Interface, which allows the software components of your communications system to “speak” to one another.
  • Don’t Risk Problem – with a managed hosted VOIP Phone system, natural disasters that might floor an old-fashioned Phone system are no longer a problem.

Up-front Cost May Be 86% Less

Desktop phones aside, Sandy Springs Georgia managed hosted VoIP platforms do not require the paying for equipment to function. A complete VOIP Phone system ranges between $20K to $100K whereas handsets are less high-priced at about $150 to $300 each. You are able to lease a conventional Telephone system, but you’ll still be paying the list price, plus interest charges. Compare that with just the cost of desktop telephones purchased for a VoIP Phone system and the proof of savings is obvious.



Total Cost of Ownership is Lower

Not only do you save on equipment and maintenance, you save on technical support too. Though uncommon, fixing technical or mechanical breakdowns of a hosted VoIP system is covered by the service provider. Their specialists would already be available, ready to repair. Furthermore, these repairs wouldn’t cost you anything at all.



Can You Save with a Managed Hosted VoIP Phone System? Yes You Could!

The details tell the only story that matters – managed hosted VoIP platforms are the most effective choice. With:

  • Uncomplicated Telephone platforms. No up-front costs
  • Only pay for the handsets
  • Just pay for the desktop phones
  • No need to pay overpriced installation fees
  • No requirement to purchase any software package licenses, though you have the choice of incorporating third party software if you please
  • Simple and quick training
  • Use of the “Follow Me” feature to push calls to your cell Phone, house Telephone, landline, or other number
  • Great redundant systems, meaning a lot less risk

… there’s no question why hosted VOIP systems are taking over the marketplace. Submit the short form and learn how your Corporation can really benefit from managed hosted Phone system solutions.