Switch and Data Overview

For over ten years Switch and Data has provided network neutral data center and Internet exchange services supporting the needs of leading online brands. These demanding businesses rely on our expertise to provide safe, secure network exchange points to connect with each other, their customers and the Internet.

Switch and Data operates 34 sites across North America specifically designed to house the equipment our customers use to aggregate and distribute data and digital media content. These sites provide the space, redundant power and cooling, and security our customers need to safeguard their infrastructure and interconnect with business partners and network service providers. Switch and Data is a public company and trades on the NASDAQ national market under the ticker symbol SDXC.

Switch and Data was founded in 1998 to serve the needs of the increasing numbers of network service providers that needed efficient places to interconnect their networks to roll out services. This was a successful business model for Switch and Data and we grew through a combination of organic growth and acquisition. In March 2003 we acquired PAIX®, the world’s first commercial Internet peering exchange. This brought us a strong presence in global Internet peering and most of the world’s leading Internet content and service providers as customers.

Today’s rapid growth of consumer and commercial Internet applications and the explosive adoption of online music and video content is driving a rapid increase in Internet traffic volumes. This traffic runs over infrastructure that needs to be housed and connected in physical data centers. Our broad footprint of secure, well-interconnected facilities are perfect places for web-centric companies to locate their content and interconnect their networks.

In the past year we have added more than a quarter million square feet of data center capacity to our footprint in the key communications hub markets of North America such as Dallas, New York Metro, Northern Virginia, San Francisco Bay Area and Toronto. This space is all built to our latest high-performance standard and provides power and cooling densities up to 200 watts per square foot, access to large numbers of networks by leveraging the network densities of our existing sites, an Internet exchange for peering, and highly rated remote technical support services.

Industry analysts expect Internet traffic to nearly quadruple by 2011. This growth creates strong demand for data center and Internet exchange services. Switch and Data is investing to build sites to provide the space, power and security to connect the Internet of the future.

Data Centers – Locations

Switch and Data operates 34 data centers across North America. Our data centers are located in North America’s key population centers and communications hub markets. From Toronto, Canada across the U.S. from New York, Northern Virginia, Atlanta, and Miami to Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle. Switch and Data sites are key locations to distribute music, video and other content to end users’ eyeballs and eardrums. The company’s sites are also the right places to connect to other networks in the key IP traffic exchange markets in the U.S. and Canada.