Depending on your location (distance from the nearest Central Office) and carrier availability, your T1 service pricing can range anywhere from $299 to $1,200 monthly. Call for a direct quote today!


A T1 Line is perfect for small to medium sized businesses with 20-50 internet users and can also replace up to 23 phone lines!

T1 is a 24 channel circuit delivering an internet connection directly from the broadband provider backbone. This makes T1 internet service one of the most stable and reliable broadband connections.

T1 Lines are available nationwide.


  • T1 lines are available almost everywhere (unlike DSL)
  • T1 connections are always up and running, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • T1 lines enable much higher quality Internet service and provide a firm foundation for other advanced applications such as VoIP, email, web servers and more.
  • T1 service connections can decrease expensive phone bills by replacing up to 23 phone lines with less expensive, more reliable Local / Regional / Long Distance  service.
  • T1 lines offer exceptional high speed, reliable Internet connectivity.
  • T1 lines can handle BOTH voice and internet traffic at the same time.