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Telecom Bandwidth is critical to expanding your business.

You may already know that Business Broadband allows users to connect with more than one computer, download large files quickly, and allows you to use VoIP phone service. But did you know we offer six different types of Broadband programs tailored to your telecom needs? Bandwidth costs start at $55 for minimal activity and speed, and can reach up to $3,500 for the best connection.

We couldn’t be more excited about our variety of broadband programs. That’s because we don’t believe one plan fits all.

Plans range from simple broadband to a more complex system like OC12 that possesses the best speed.

If you called one of our reps today, the first thing they will do is offer you a Telecom Bandwidth Provider plan based on your business size. This ensures you won’t get unnecessary services, or less than your business needs. So here they are:

  1. DSL – Most Affordable – $55As long as you don’t need dedicated access, DSL is a perfect combination of low cost and high speed. DSL has 99% uptime guaranteed.  ADSL and SDSL both have bandwidths upstream and downstream. Asynchronous tends to be more residential, Synchronous tends to be more robust. Speed = up to 6MBs
  2. Ethernet – Best Value – $229The most common form of transport is Ethernet over fiber. Some have trouble understanding Ethernet when there’s no single or standard way to provide wide area or metro. When you call us we’ll figure out what method fits you. Speed = up to 20MBs
  3. T1 – Mission Critical Performance – $299Small to medium sized businesses love this service. It can handle 20-50 users and our circuit can replace up to 23 phone lines. Nice. It’s one of the most reliable connections. The price of this service depends on your distance from the nearest Central Office, ranging from $299-$1,200/mo.
  4. T1 BONDED (NXT1) – Ideal for Business Class- $598NXT1 is class all the way. Huge corporations running large operations rely on T1 Bonded when they’ve outgrown their T1 and cannot yet afford the DS-3. It gets 100% nationwide coverage with speeds of 3 Mbps to 12 Mbs. It has the ability to “bond” 2 to 8 Internet T1s and can tie into MPLS / IP VPN networks. It also includes multiple carrier options such as AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and Qwest. There are optional Cisco and Tasman routers.

Telecom Bandwidth is critical to expanding your business.

Educate yourself on the benefits of each level of service, so by the time you speak with us our recommendations will make more sense.