1. Remember to leave enough time when porting. Some carriers require up to 20 business days notice to release numbers. Each carrier is different so don’t make assumptions!
  2. POTS (business line) orders of 5 or more lines require a site survey which adds 7-10 business days onto an order so plan accordingly!
  3. Carriers typically deliver lines/circuits to the minimum point of entry (MPOE) so be sure to make arrangements to have your lines/circuits extended to your telco room!
  4. When placing a new order make sure to include your Federal Tax ID so your order can be credit approved without delay!
  5. Keep track of turn-up dates so you can check your first invoice for accuracy!
  6. Before opening a trouble ticket – be creative when trouble shooting issues. Some carriers will charge a dispatch fee of up to $175 if they dispatch a tech and find no trouble!
  7. Call examples are needed in order for carriers to fix issues – make sure co-workers know which information to give you when reporting issues.
  8. Bill copies are needed for proof of ownership when transferring toll free numbers.
  9. Carriers keep a list of authorized parties per account. Be sure to keep it updated as people join and leave the company so there are no account access issues later on!
  10. When sending disconnect requests to a carrier make sure you keep accurate records of your requests in case the carrier doesn’t disconnect them in a timely fashion!