Vendor Management Simplified

Vendor Management is simply the management of everything the communications provider provides to the customer from the proper, timely provisioning of service to the rendering of accurate bills to the expeditious repair of problems.

We Do the Heavy Lifting

OSSTelco works with the service providers whether the service is voice, data or data center. We manage the installation of the services to insure time commitments are met and the service is performing to expectations. Where necessary, OSSTelco coordinates the activities of multiple vendors to ensure the overall project deadlines are met.

In addition, OSSTelco audits provider bills to verify that the charges are proper and accurate. Where there are discrepancies, OSSTelco identifies them so the proper credits can be obtained.

Lastly, OSSTelco manages the provider Maintenance and Repair functions when clients have service problems. In the event of a problem, OSSTelco knows who to contact and when to escalate so that problems are remediated as quickly as possible.