Verizon Business Overview

With its advanced global networks, deep IP expertise, wealth of next wave services, and leading broadband and voice capabilities, Verizon Business is the right company to help your enterprise employ technology to strategic advantage.

Your enterprise demands global connectivity, security, and reliability. Verizon Business provides it all with the simplicity and the quality of service you need to transform the way you compete, today and tomorrow.

The Network

An IP network that spans the planet

With one of the world’s largest local-to-global IP networks, Verizon Business is well positioned to provide next generation services. Our global IP network spans more than 446,000 miles across 150 countries on six continents and is backed by experienced sales and service reps around the globe. Verizon Business offers the fastest speeds available over IP today. We were the first to route and switch OC-192 IP network traffic. And Verizon also has one of the most scalable IP networks available, offering speeds from dial to OC-48.

Industry Leadership

Verizon Business lives at the forefront of innovation. That’s why we’re investing heavily in our enterprise capabilities, making the network improvements needed to support next generation, IP-based services like virtual private networks and VoIP. Of course, groundbreaking technology should come as no surprise. There have been many firsts in our long history:

  • First commercial Internet service
  • First commercial provider of Internet access
  • First ISP to deploy MPLS globally
  • First to test the fastest-ever IP transmission

Over the next few years, Verizon Business’ voice and data networks will be consolidated into a single IP core. In the meantime, Verizon Business, an industry leader, is providing convergence-enabling technologies and multi-service edge devices to accelerate your transition to IP — when you’re ready to make the move.

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