You’ve probably heard of a cable or DSL connection in reference to types of internet connections, but you may have never heard of a T1 connection. Generally, this could be because T1 lines are not generally used for personal reasons. A T1 cable connection might be used by a business, school, hospital, or other establishment that’s got a large network of computers in need of internet access.

To be specific, a T1 connection is a specific type of internet connection that’s capable transferring a lot more data than a traditional/typical connection such as a regular cable/DSL line. The T1 line is typically made of copper or fiber optic to push through vast amounts of data at an incredibly fast rate.

Because data is transferred across T1 internet so quickly, most households don’t need a connection at this caliber. The only users that seem to benefit the most from T1 are companies, businesses, organizations and other similar establishment. T1 cable was designed to provide internet access to anywhere from 20-50 users without compromising speed or reliability.

What are T1 Lines?

Due to the incredible power and speed of T1, many businesses have been making the move to T1 speed so that all users using the connection can enjoy consistent speeds and dependability. In actuality, if many of these companies had stayed subscribed to a cable connection, it could have been potentially detrimental due to not getting the blazing fast speeds that T1 internet is capable of.

Think of it like this. Operating your business on a regular cable connection can work in the beginning due to not having many users to share it with. However, once your business begins growing and more users begin utilizing bandwidth in the connection, the speed will gradually get slower and slower for everyone using it. This can be easily eliminated by upgrading to T1 speed and leaving cable in the past.

Some of the greatest advantages of making the switch the T1 speed also include the fact that it’s available nearly anywhere, its uptime is incredible, many web services and components work better with it (servers, email, VoIP, etc), it can replace phone lines by providing VoIP lines which can also save you money, and so much more.

If one of your main gripes is how slow the internet connection tends to be while many users are logged onto the internet at work, it may be time for you to make the switch. Don’t wait until the network speeds are unbearable when your company is in the midst of blossoming. Streamline your work, support more users, and get things done quicker with a blazing fast T1 line.