Hosted PBX Advantages

Instead of going through this, you can instead use a hosted PBX. There are so many advantages to this approach that it is hard to list them all, so only the big ones will be listed. Remember that huge room full of equipment? Now you can clear it all out, because none of it is needed. With hosted PBX, all the equipment is off-site, so you don’t have to see it anymore. Not only that, but all the upgrades and maintenance are performed by the hosting company, so no wasting time or money.

Cost Savings

Speaking of money, you may be thinking that this approach costs more than hosting it yourself. On average, this would be an incorrect assumption. Most businesses, aside from space and frustration, also save on their monthly telephone bills. The common amount of savings accrues to about 50 to 85%, which is just another perk of this system, and that’s not just for large businesses, it is also for a small business phone system.

Payment plans are usually governed by the number of phones, not how long each person talks. With some services, the pay-as-you-go approach is much better, but when it comes to a business telephone, that approach usually ends up costing more. So paying per phone is usually less expensive. Installation is generally within minutes as well, not hours, so if you don’t have a phone system or if you are worried about downtime, you don’t need to be.


Scaling up is also easy with PBX hosting. In the traditional sense, scaling up means having to dredge up more hardware, finding more room for it, installing the system, making sure it works, upgrading the software, connecting the various cables and wasting several hours or days in the process. That doesn’t sound very progressive or business savvy. With the PBX approach, since everything is off-site, the hosting service scales up for you. If a new server is needed, they will be taking care of it, not you.

So, if everything is off-site, and there is no hardware around, how do the phones work? These phones are run on voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Business VoIP is generally much better than a landline, and in many ways. Everything is ran over the Internet, which means much better data transfer. This translates to better call quality. It is also more difficult to hack into the line; yes, hackers can get into landlines and hear your business conversations.

Large Companies

Most large businesses have a huge room full of equipment used just to host an internal phone network, and while this method is traditional, it is really nothing but sloppy and inefficient. You have to hire people to man the equipment, it can overheat and destroy the network, it takes up so much space and the installation and upgrades can take hours, and how many hours can a business survive without a single phone?

Get It

Getting PBX hosting is a step in the right direction when it comes to modernizing any business. Get rid of all that lumpy hardware, use the room for extra computers or works, and get your phone services hosted off-site. You never liked running all the servers anyway, so just get rid of them and make your business easier to run today.