XO Overview

XO Communications is a full-service provider of communications services for small & growing businesses, larger enterprises and carriers. XO™ possesses a wealth of local fiber, DSL, fixed wireless, data networking, Internet and long-haul network assets that few – if any – U.S. emerging service providers can match. In fact, with its recent acquisition of Allegiance, XO is the largest CLEC in the U.S.

The XO™ leadership team is comprised of experienced communications industry executives who recognized a need for a communications company that could stand apart from the others. Under their leadership, XO has created and improved the solutions it delivers and has expanded its geographic coverage across the United States . Their mission — and that of the company’s more than 5,000 employees — is to provide communications solutions that are simple yet backed by a sophisticated network of products and outstanding customer service.

XO™ is able to serve customers over XO facilities that ensure the highest levels of performance and reliability. XO has an OC-192 IP backbone with OC-12 uplinks in our markets and data centers; that means we have one of the highest capacity and scalable IP backbones in the industry. We’re ready to handle your current needs and we’re well positioned to handle the coming convergence of voice and data IP services. World-class tools facilitate communication of customer information and continuous network monitoring together set the XO network apart from its rivals.

XO™ puts customers first. Its latest customer satisfaction surveys steadily indicate that, on a five-point scale, 80+% of customers rate XO good or excellent. XO customer care is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via e-mail and phone, which means an XO specialist is available any time, all the time. And keep in mind that 80% of all its phone inquiries are answered in 20 seconds or less, so you won’t be caught in phone mail mazes.

Your business needs...XO Product SolutionProduct Description
Fully managed, affordable, and secure Wide Area Network (WAN) solution to keep your multi-location business connected.MPLS IP VPNMPLS IP VPN provides multi-location businesses with secure voice and data services via T1 or higher connection speeds.
Reliable, high speed business Internet access services with guaranteed bandwidth via non-shared connections.Dedicated Internet Access1.544 to 1000 Mbps (T1/DS1, T3/DS3, OC3, Ethernet)
Cost-effective means to connect multiple corporate LANs.Ethernet SolutionsPoint-to-point or any-to-any configurations with bandwidth from 10 Mbps all the way up to Gigabit Ethernet (1 Gbps)
High-speed, dedicated point-to-point connections so you can securely transfer data between locations.Private LinePrivate Line services give you high-speed, dedicated point-to-point connections so you can securely transfer data between locations.
Business high speed Internetaccess services utilizing telephone lines.DSLUp to 1.5 Mbps
Protection from the dangers of the Internet and the ability to provide secure communications.Network SecurityNetwork security includes services such as Managed Firewall, Virtual Private Network, and secure T1 connections, utilizing Cisco® equipment
Secure, controlled space and network access for your servers.Telco CollocationCollocation provides access to transport facilities via cost-effective, high-capacity metropolitan and long-haul XO network facilities.
An outsourced solution for server collocation and networkData Center CollocationData Center collocation provides a secure, outsourced hosting solution. With Data Center collocation, you still provide and maintain ownership of software applications and content while you maintain ownership of your server hardware and operating systems.

Service Level Agreement (SLA):

Network Availability Guarantee – 100% – The XO™ IP Network is guaranteed to be available and capable of forwarding IP packets 100% of the time, as averaged over a calendar month. The XO IP network includes the customer’s access port (the port on the XO aggregation router upon which the customer’s circuit terminates) and the XO IP backbone network. The XO IP backbone network includes XO owned and controlled routers and circuits (including any transit connections). The XO Network Availability guarantee does not include the local access circuit (e.g. local loop), Customer Premise Equipment (router or CPE) or Customer’s Local Area Network (LAN), scheduled maintenance events, customer caused outages or disruptions, interconnections to or from and connectivity within other Internet Service Provider (ISP) networks, and force majeure events (as defined in the relevant service contract).

Remedy is a credit of 1/30th of the monthly recurring charge (MRC) for that month for each full hour of outage in excess of the 100% guaranteed under this SLA .

Latency Guarantee- (65 Milliseconds) The XO™ IP backbone network (as defined in the previous section) is guaranteed to have an average round trip packet transit time within the XO IP backbone network over a calendar month of 65ms or less. Remedy is a credit of 1/30th of the monthly recurring charge (MRC) for that month for each full 1ms above the 65ms average maximum guaranteed under this SLA .

Packet Loss – Maximum average packet loss of 1 percent or less during any calendar month.

For More Information please call: 1-866-OSS-TELCO