Cloud Applications

Managed Cloud Application Services (MCAS)

Many businesses are intrigued by the benefits of cloud computing but need help cloud-enabling applications and supporting them in a cloud environment. Its no doubt due to the trend going from traditional applications to on-demand applications and the huge benefits and cost savings that follow.


Important Considerations:

The front end has to be configured appropriately to the cloud application. We always take great care in what our systems convey through or retrieve through the corporate firewall. We tend to user applications that constrain the user to specific functions that could be configured to preclude malicious attempts to pierce the firewall and is compromising things. Not everyone is so rigid but there are regulatory constraints on data protection, in some industries.

Cloud enablement – Applications must be architected correctly to leverage key components of the cloud such as dynamic provisioning and activation, horizontal scaling, and regionalized deployments.

The two largest barriers to cloud integration are the lack of experienced cloud application consultants and cloud hosting providers. That is where OSSTelco comes in.

OSSTelco is backed by a team of voice and data specialists who are rigorously trained and industry-certified in the latest technologies.


The Cloud Applications We Provide:

  • Increase Agility
  • Increase Cost Effectiveness (More bang for your buck)
  • Drastically Reduce Risk
Affordable Colocation and Cloud Sevices
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