Cloud Migration is Cost Effective

Moving to the cloud eliminates problems that may arise like hard-drives crashing or losing crucial files in a fire. Cloud migration also allows you to operate more efficiently under financial, or regulatory conditions. Your data may actually be safter on a cloud server than within the four walls of your company! (both physically and digitally)


Cloud Migration Savings greater than Investment Costs

The biggest benefit of cloud migration is maneuvering long-term cost savings while maintaining the privacy or security of company data & systems.


Get Rid of Software Licenses & Upgrades with Cloud Providers

Moving to the cloud maximizes productivity and collaborative capabilities by offering email, word processing, and spreadsheets amongst others. You can also rent processor cycles and storage capacity to run your own applications. In essence it scales with your business; As your business grows you can continue to add resources externally.


Cloud Migration Services by OssTelco:

  • Cloud Hosting (scalability, cost efficiency, pay per use)
  • Cloud Applications (the move from traditional to low-cost on-demand apps)
  • Backup & Recovery (remote mirroring, on premise storage, colocation migration)

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Affordable Colocation and Cloud Sevices
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