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Cloud Services at OSS Telco – Cloud for Your Business

Cloud services mean different things to different companies.  Some refer to hosted PBX systems as cloud phone service.  Others refer to virtual machines (virtual servers) running in a data center as cloud.  Still others refer to applications that run online as cloud.

At OSS Telco, we offer you all of this and more, at great prices with high value.

As a key partner of these services, we have preferred pricing for our clients.  Leverage the strength of our clients’ buying power, and get great prices, whether you are an enterprise client or small business.

Cloud Phone Services: Hosted PBX / VoIP

One of the most common use of cloud services is with hosted PBX or VoIP (Voice over IP) phone services.  Using cloud services, you do not have to pay for a phone system.  Your desk phones, soft phones (software on your computer) and mobile phones connect to your phone system over secure connections on the internet.  The multi-million dollar phone systems at the providers act as your phone system, providing you a tremendous feature set without the need to buy your own phone system.

We have more than 40 partners providing different VoIP services, depending upon your specific needs.  Do you need to link multiple offices?  Will you be integrating cell phones to receive calls,  as if they were a phone on your network? (Hint: they can be)   Do you need call recording?  Call monitoring?  Conference calling?  Different providers excel at different features, let us help you determine which service to use.

Cloud Computing – Servers and Databases in the Cloud

The better known use of “cloud” is with cloud computing.  With cloud computing, one physical machine can run multiple copies of Windows, Linux and other operating systems simultaneously.  You have your own “virtual disk” (essentially chunk of a hard disks) that is isolated from others.

The cloud data center will typically provide ready-to-run virtual machines, fully configured with the operating system of your choice.  They can have as many processors and as much memory as you choose.  You also choose the disk space, from 10GB to 100’s of TB.

The most common uses include file servers, application servers, database servers and email servers.

Again, our experts will help you choose the right services from the right data centers based on your specific business needs.

Cloud Applications – Running Software in the Cloud

From services like to Goldmine, Office 365 and others, many applications run “in the cloud.”  The advantage is that most of these are browser-based systems.  You do not have to install and maintain software locally, run updates, patches, etc.  All of the programs run on the vendor’s servers, and they maintain their software.

Your employees just login with Chrome or Firefox and run software through the browser.  No need to install software locally on each machine.  Simpler licensing models.  No hardware conflicts.  It makes your life very easy.  On the flipside, you are using another company’s system with a monthly cost for the service.  All things considered, it is a great model that keeps you up and running with the latest version of great and powerful applications.

Let Us Help You Find Your Way

Have questions about cloud for your business?  Not sure if you want cloud servers to run your own software, or cloud applications offered by various companies?  Let our experts assess your needs and let you know which options may be right for you.  Call us today or complete the form below.

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