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Are you looking for a new colocation center? Are you looking to move your server equipment into a data center with redundant Internet, power and cooling? Contact or co-location experts today to discuss your needs and determine which colocation centers may be best for you.

Companies across America have moved their equipment into data centers. Co-location data centers provide you with a secure environment your computer hardware and data, specifically designed for the power and bandwidth needs of your applications. These facilities offer high levels of security, strictly limiting access to the servers.

Some clients choose to put their servers into racks, while others look for dedicated cages and server rooms within the facility. Whatever the need, we have a wide array of co-location data centers to suit your needs.

Data Center Security

One of the first questions we get involve security. Will my servers be locked down? Are they isolated from other clients in the data center? Who has access to the servers?

No matter what the concern, we have the answers. With 20 years of experience in telecom and data centers, we can help you find the right solution to your needs and budget.

Some clients are looking for cost-effective way to move the servers out of their office and into a data center. Others are looking for maximum security. Some are seeking geographic diversity across multiple data centers. Still others want a data center in physical proximity to their office. Ultimately, it all comes down to security. What are your security needs, and how comfortable are you with the location of those servers?

If your security requires servers to be in close proximity, that is a factor. If your security requires redundancy and geographic diversity, that is a factor. We take all these things into account when selecting the right data centers for you, and help you choose the best package for your needs.

Redundant Bandwidth and Power

One of the major advantages of the data center is the availability of redundant power and cooling. When servers are located within your office, you face many challenges. Locally, power to be less than reliable. Does your business operate with generators? Are they even an option in your building? If not, a power outage can cause serious injury to your business.

Co-location data centers, on the other hand, provide many forms of redundancy. Typically, electricity flows through banks of batteries which power the equipment. If there is a momentary Spyker drop in power, equipment stays on through the battery units. When power drops, generators kicked on instantly, replacing the electricity being fed by the power company. Even in situations where power is out for weeks at a time, our clients are up and running just fine in the data centers.

Sample Locations of Our Colocation Centers

Below is a sample list of data centers that we use with our clients. The reality is that we have access to over 300 data centers nationwide. Contact us today and let’s discuss your specific needs. Let’s find the right solution for you, your business and your budget

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