Cloud Backup & Recovery

Data Backup & Recovery Overview

Cloud data backup and recovery is a network-based hosted solution that creates a backup of a selected amount of data (critical or non critical) which is stored in a secure off-premise server and allows you to quickly restore files on-demand.


Businesses are using cloud backup and recovery for many reasons, some being remote mirroring, as an addition to on-premise storage, and for colocation migration purposes.


Cloud backup & recovery addresses many of the issues a lot of businesses are concerned with like the cost of ownership associated with the backup infrastructure consisting of tape, libraries, and backup servers, and cap-ex, maintenance and reliability of such purchases. Cloud data protection provides automated data protection with no capital investment, and has become increasingly reliable. It has also become a unique opportunity for smaller businesses who can’t afford these services in house to attain them.

Cloud Backup & Recovery


Our Fully Managed Cloud Backup & Recovery Services Include:

  • First and foremost, automated and offsite data protection. We realize that security is a big issue when dealing with the cloud, and so we provide services that encrypt data at the source, in transit and in storage using 256-bit AES encryption; data is mirrored and stored in an Ironclad SAS 70 Type II-certified data center, providing secure off-site disaster recovery and automatic, on-demand provisioning of extra storage.
  • Continuous Backup which minimizes data loss with continuous and mirrored data centers.
  • Scalability – subscription-based service with bundled packages and scalable storage capacity based on your specific usage, meaning you only pay for what you use.
  • We provide managed support that helps reduce capital expenditures and IT overhead, allowing you to focus key resources on your core business.

Industries with compliance mandates that are looking to improve their backup with a secure, reliable and predictable data protection cloud backup model, have no farther to look than OSSTelco.

Affordable Colocation and Cloud Sevices
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