Data Center Transition

Coming up with a data center strategy is a big enough project. But then there is also the problem of data center transition — How does one actually go about the task of data center implementation? That is, how does one make take care of the tasks of moving all the equipment into its storage space, and of ensuring that it the data on the machines will be secure during that time? And what about financial considerations? All of this, and more, is also something that OSS Telco can help you with, and it is the subject of this article.

Data Center Transition


Contract negotiation

The good people at OSS can help business people set their goals for negotiating contracts, help to ensure that the negotiation process goes not only successfully but smoothly, avoid vendor tricks and other pitfalls, and even set a timeline that works for you. They can also find what is the best price for you, adjust the phrasing of the contract so that it allows enough flexibility for their clients, and give them enough leverage that they have a “heads up” on any contract that they might have to negotiate on in the future.


Project management

Project management is a field in which the OSS people have no shortage of experience, which means that they are fully aware of just how complex a process it can be. And in general, Telecom projects are almost always quite complex. But the company’s project managers provide a “single point of control” to guarantee that the necessary information gets to all the parties involved. They can also coordinate the schedules of both or all parties involved, and identify risks.


Relocation of data processing services

Nineteen collocation centers in the major cities of New York State serve OSS. Most of them are set up in secure locations, such as near population centers that are major hubs of communication. And in some of the facilities— particular in those in which customers have no cabinets of their own— employees escort the customers; or one can get in through the use of PINs, voice recognition, and other modern technologies.


Consolidation of IT assets

The services of data centers can complement a business’s own IT resources, or it can serve as a substitute for them. Shared collocation infrastructures can reduce costs substantially.

Affordable Colocation and Cloud Sevices
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