Backup Wireless Service

Wireless Backup / Failover for Your Internet Connection

Failover internet connections are a backup wireless service. These will help keep you up and running when your internet goes down. Don’t risk your company being offline.  Technology exists that allows you to use a wireless 4G connection to keep your business up and running.

What is a Failover Internet Connection?

A failover internet connection helps keep you up and running when your primary internet connection goes down. A carrier may have issues.  A router may have failed.  A car may have hit a telephone pole.  There are many reasons why the internet can go down, and an outage can be devastating to most businesses.

By integrating a failover internet connection – commonly referred to as a backup internet connection – you can stay up while the primary connection is down.  Using a blend of router technology and 4G service from major carriers such as Verizon or AT&T, we can keep you up and running when your main internet connection goes down.

Your Failover Internet Connection is Automatic

Within your office, computers attach to a data switch, which connects to a firewall.  That firewall connects to a router, and the router connects to the internet.  In some cases, the router and firewall are combined into one unit.

The router literally “routes” your traffic (in and out) to the Internet.  It is your gateway to the web.

The router is programmed with rules on how to route traffic.  For example, if you have a Gig-E connection, a T1 line, or a cable modem, it would route the traffic through that connection.

Today, you have more options.

4G Service in Your Router or Other Device

Depending on the hardware selected, you may have a 4G device built into the router, or connected as a separate device.  When people “surf the web” (or send email, place a VoIP call, a video call, etc.) your firewall and router choose the path for your traffic – typically a wired connection such as Gig-E, Fiber, T1, etc.  These devices can detect when your internet connection is down and choose an alternate path.  That is where the 4G connection comes into play.

The 4G service generally sits idle, unused, until needed.  In some cases you can share the load between connections, but this if often impractical, as wired connections tend to be faster and more stable.

When needed, the router changes direction, connecting to the Internet over the 4G connection in milliseconds.  You could experience a slight hesitation for a moment as requests that were lost over the down connection are resent over 4G.  You are then back in business, up and running, as if nothing happened.  True, your 4G may be slower than your normal connection.  However, this solution is not meant for blazing speed, but rather to keep you up and running.

Wireless Backup Internet & Costs

The costs vary depending on the market.  We have relationships with all of the major carriers and can find you the best solution offering a great value along with a highly reliable connection.  For example, if Verizon is offering a better price but you only get 2 bars of service while AT&T is slightly higher with 5 bars, you would want AT&T service in your location.  We will also work with you on selecting the right equipment for the job, ensuring that if you ever suffer an outage, your business has the least impact possible.

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