Hosted VoIP

Hosted VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is one of the most reliable phone systems for businesses.

Business Hosted VoIP

There aren’t many other solutions comparable to VoIP for businesses out there.

If you want your business to seem larger, Hosted VoIP can absolutely help you reach that goal. With PSTN, you and your staff needed to remain within one static office location. With VoIP, you can maintain offices across the globe, and all of the offices could connect to the same VoIP service through the Internet.

As a small business, you can see savings immediately, since PBX systems, phones, applications, installation, monthly maintenance fees and trunk lines can cost upwards of thousands of dollars. That is why so many small businesses are forced to get just a basic phone line. But Hosted VoIP-business phone services nearly eliminate the up-front investment costs and often provide commercial-grade PBX functionality over a high speed broadband connection.

We offer many business hosted VoIP services & solutions that implement with ease, low or no cost with increased functionality for your business no matter the size.

Hosted Business VoIP

Hosted VoIP Benefits

  • On a PSTN line, time is really money. You actually pay for every single minute you use in communicating on the phone, on top of international calls being much more expensive. With VoIP those dynamic prices are eliminated, because hosted VoIP runs off of the internet backbone, and so this causes your monthly payment to be a fixed price you pay to your ISP. And so VoIP can potentially save you 40% on local calls and 90% on international calls.
  • On a PSTN line only two people can converse at a time, but with VoIP you can have a whole team of people communicating in real time, and since VoIP compresses data packets during transmission, more data can be handled and as a result more calls can be handled on the same line.
  • Hosted VoIP has a huge resource of features you can benefit from to make your phone experience more rich and sophisticated.
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