New York, New York Colocation Data Center The Most Important Carrier Hotel in the World New York, New York 10013


Telx’s is the “go-to” Meet-Me-Room operator within 60 Hudson Street. Telx’s flagship interconnection facility is the nerve center for international communications and is known as the most important carrier hotel in the world. This facility offers customers the ability to connect to more than 400 carriers, financial exchanges, and enterprises, with a single connection. Customers at this location have direct access to the wide range of services provided by Telx customers located in its other NY/J locations including: 100 Delawanna Avenue, NJ, 111 8th Avenue NYC and 300 Boulevard East Weehawken, NJ via our Metro Cross Connect product. Telx’s 60 Hudson Street location offers access to multiple peering exchanges and interconnectivity between all floors and Meet-Me Areas and the Telx Virtual Xchange.

Data Center Colocation Facility Overview

  • Fire Protection: Pre-Action, early warning
  • Fire Safety: VESDA and Pre-action dry-pipe
  • Floor Loads: 225 lbs/sf
  • HVAC
  • Monitoring: Mission Critical Systems, surveillance, access control
  • Power: AC and DC, Generator, UPS
  • Roof Rights: Available
  • Security: 24x7x365 lobby staff
Affordable Colocation and Cloud Sevices
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