Data Center Questionnaire


You should be prepared to answer most of the following questions which help us accurately generate a quotation for your Data Center needs:


  • Do you have a preferred location?

Space / Cabinets

  • Do you require a walled private suite?
  • Do you require a locking cage?
  • Will you (the customer) provide cabinets?
  • Will you require the data center to provide any cabinets? If so, how many?


  • Do you require redundant power on a per-cabinet basis?
  • How much power do you anticipate drawing on a monthly basis?
  • Please provide the total number of each of the following breaker types required:
    • 20Amp/110V
    • 30Amp/110V
    • 20Amp/220V
    • 30Amp/220V
    • 30Amp/3-Phase
    • 60Amp/3-Phase
    • Other (DC)


  • Do you require direct connection to another location?
  • Do you require secondary connectivity from another vendor?
  • Do you know your anticipated bandwidth needs?
  • Do you require redundant connectivity to your cabinets?
  • How many of each of the following network cross-connects do you anticipate needing?
    • 100Mbs Fast-Ethernet
    • 1000Mbs Gig-E
    • Fiber
    • T-1
    • POTS
  • Do you require Router Management?
  • Do you require Firewall Management?

Professional Services

  • Will you require Professional services (e.g. Unpack/Rack/Stack services and hardware installation)?
  • Do you anticipate requiring Professional Services beyond simple reboots, media swaps and visual inspections (e.g. software installation, server configuration, software management, OS Patching?) If yes, please select below:
    • Software Installation
    • Server Configuration
    • Cable management


  • Please select level of monitoring and indicate number of devices
    • Level 1:
    • Level 2:
    • Level 3:


  • Is your equipment currently in an off-site collocation facility? If so, where?
  • Can you provide reports of power utilization?
  • Can you provide a manifest of equipment deployed?
  • What is your timeline to enter the Windstream Data Center environment?
Affordable Colocation and Cloud Sevices
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