FIXED PRICES GIVE YOU CERTAINTY.The one major difference between energy costs and telecom costs is that telecom costs are static, that is in most circumstances very controllable, and knowable. On the other hand energy costs are the complete opposite. With energy there are dramatic price fluctuations, so in other words, volatile uncontrollable bills. Don’t you wish there was a way to control your energy costs, so you could depend on what you were going to pay at the end of the month? We can provide those fixed monthly energy costs. Welcome to OSS Telco’s energy solutions, where innovation and growth are by-products of the unique solutions we have provided to hundreds of companies since 2004.

What is the benefit of working with OSS Telco? It allows you to compare rates and additional services for electricity or natural gas based on your desired level of risk, goals and market conditions.

Some Energy Providers we work with: Windstream, Magellan Hill, VPN Security and more. Let us help you determine which provider will be best for your business energy needs.

Natural Gas vs. Electricity

Natural Gas

  • More of a tangible product
  • Can be stored
  • Prices up in winter
  • No peak hours
  • Measured by CCF/MCF
  • Does not require ISO

Natural Gas

  • Requires balance between consumption and generation
  • Not easily stored
  • Prices up in summer
  • Has peak hours
  • Measured in KwH

Renewable Energy


  • Sustainable
  • No carbon emission
  • Geopolitical
  • Cost is coming down
  • Incentives
  • Environmental benefits


  • Intermittent
  • Supposed grid issues
  • Storage
  • True cost needs to come down further

Types of Renewable Energy: Wind, Solar, Geothermal, Small Hydra, Biomass, Biogas (Biofuel)

Retrofit Programs We Offer

Lighting Retrofit Program:

  • Factoring in rebates and tax incentives, customers can often see a payback in 2-3 years for lighting retrofit.

Equipment Retrofit / Replacement

  • Total Solar Solution
  • Solar Components: panels, inverters, and mounting.

Installation: construction, engineering, and electrical.

Financing: financial analysis, incentives, lease, PPA (no money down opportunity)

Curtailment Programs

  • What Makes You a Great Candidate For Our Energy Solution?

  • Any firm spending 50k+ annually
  • Real estate
  • High rises
  • Intense production (i.e. Large boiler furnaces)
  • Factories running on extrusion
  • Tanning salons

*Not a all-inclusive list

Affordable Colocation and Cloud Sevices
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