Metro Ethernet

A Metro Ethernet connection (EoC) fills the gap between bonded T1 and fractional DS3 and is a unique alternative to competing fiber products.

Our metro ethernet connection is an Ethernet over Copper product designed to deliver a premium solution leveraging high-speed connectivity through our next generation backbone. It is affordable, maintains high quality of service, and delivered in 4 weeks or less.

The metro carriers backbone consists of redundant, diverse transit connections along with fault tolerant switches and servers to minimize single points of failure and provides businesses with safe, secure, and reliable services.


Metro Ethernet


Metro Ethernet & Gigabit Ethernet Solutions

Metro Ethernet connections are delivered via EFM, Ethernet in the First Mile, technology. EFM is provisioned via multiple twisted copper pair loops. Line modulation is implemented and 802.3ah

Ethernet bonding is utilized to provide a single pipe delivering speeds of:

  • 5  Meg
  • 10 Meg
  • 15 Meg
  • 20 Meg
  • 25 Meg
  • 30 Meg
  • 45 Meg

The delivery consists of multiple loops offers a distinct level of redundancy allowing continuity of metro ethernet connection services in the event any line failures occur.

The Service terminates at your (Customer’s) premises into an Ethernet Access Device and service demarcation is defined at the LAN  (Local area Network) port of the customer’s equipment. Symmetrical speeds from 5 to 45Mbps can be provisioned. The amount of bandwidth we can offer is based on distance however most dense areas are likely to be serviced.

For  loop qualification it is best to allow us to enter it into the telecom service providers system allowing  us to advise in advance the maximum bandwidth to be delivered. This  solution fills the gap between bonded T1 and fractional DS3  (45 Meg) and is a unique alternative to competing fiber products.

EOC (Ethernet over copper)  runs over 2 – 8 pairs of copper and even with a few pairs down it will continue to run.


Telecom Service Providers Offer:

  • 5 – 45Mbpss EoC (Ethernet over copper)
  • Is delivered over an Ethernet handoff.
  • Include the hardware at no extra cost.

Metro Ethernet Services can result in delivery in weeks rather than months.

At OssTelco we provide expert advice on what product, and which carrier carrying that product is best for you, with the highest level of customer service.

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