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Corporate Pricing for Your Business’ Cellular Needs

Leveraging our relationships with all of the major carriers, we can help your business cellular program, finding you the right coverage and service at the right price.  Whether you need 1 phone or 1000, we can configure the right program for you.

Choosing the Right Cellular Service

The “right” cellular service for your business depends on your needs:

  • The number of phones required
  • Whether you have limited calling needs or want unlimited calling
  • Whether you have minimal or extensive texting needs
  • The amount of data needed (the corporate data plan) for your users
  • Whether you want to integrate your mobile phone into your primary phone system
  • Whether you will have users traveling abroad, needing international services

Once we understand these questions and more, we can recommend the right phones and phone services.  Using our volume buying platform, we can get you rates below what you would find at the retail level.

Choosing the Right Cell Phones for Your Business

Before you choose the phones, you need to evaluate the business needs.  Do you need basic phones or ones with more power?  Do you need minimal storage requirements or is large data storage important (for example, for businesses using the camera features extensively).  Do you want to be tied to Apple Lightning cables for headphones, chargers, etc. or do you want more flexibility where users can use their existing headphones and earbuds (Android).  Before making decisions, you need to ask yourself:

  • Do you have a preference for Apple or Android?
  • What applications are you using?   Are they only on one platform (Apple or Android)?
  • Which ones do you need to add?  Are they only on one platform?
  • Do you have a large number of users who utilize FaceTime (Apple only) or other proprietary apps for video conferencing?
  • Do you have an IT department with a preference for one platform over the other?

Once you assess your requirements, we can then advise you on the best equipment and plans for your needs.

Higher Service Levels for Corporate Users

In addition to the selection of phone equipment and service, our corporate clients receive higher levels of support.  All of the carriers provide good support to their consumers, but businesses have different needs.  Through our relationships, we get you the level of service you require.  Do you need advance replacement phones if one breaks?  Do you need a spare phone on hand, if even a moment with a broken phone disrupts your business? Let us know your needs, we will build the plan specific to you.

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