Our Hosted PBX Benefits


Cost Savings of 20% – 40%

  • Converged voice and data over common broadband pipe
  • Avoid CapEx and OpEx cost of PBX
  • Free 4-digit dialing between locations
  • Unlimited and Flat Rate usage Plans
  • One simplified bill for all services

Increased Productivity

  • “One number” for remote/mobile workforce (Find Me / Follow Me)
  • “Click to dial” from call logs and Outlook
  • Call log, call control from the desktop
  • Unified email and voice mail
  • Directory services

Easy to Implement & Maintain

  • No changes to DID, toll-free or existing business numbers
  • Numbers can be ported in most U.S. markets and in several European markets
  • Leverages standard routers and networking equipment
  • Add lines at any time. Limitless capacity
  • Simplified billing
  • One number to call. One bill to pay

Calling features included in the Hosted PBX product are equivalent to typical Centrex attributes often provided with bundled access, internet connectivity and other data offerings. The following are just a few of these features:


MEDIA-BASED FEATURES such as voice mail and auto attendant.


PERSONAL CALLING FEATURES include selective call forwarding, simultaneous ring, and click-to-dial, just to name a few.

Affordable Colocation and Cloud Sevices
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