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Gaining a secure connection with a POTS Line

In a world with VoIP, Internet service, and cellular service, many people mistake POTS lines (which stands for Plain Old Telephone Service) as a dated, useless technology. However, this could not be further from the truth.

There are many situations for which the very simplicity of a POTS telephone line makes it a superior choice for connectivity.

• Fax machines are often designed only to work with a POTS telephone line, and even companies with voice over IP systems will often have one or more POTS lines dedicated to fax machines.

• In an emergency when the Internet connection is down and you have poor cellular service a POTS phone line will continue to work.

• With a home or business alarm the system needs to communicate with the central office that receives alarm alerts. These calls are placed over phone lines. A POTS line offers more stable connectivity during a power or service outage.

• Credit card machines connected to POTS lines don’t go down in the way VoIP or cellular can.

• Elevator lines are required by law to provide an emergency phone. A POTS phone is the best choice for connectivity in an elevator shaft.

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