Voice PRI

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Voice PRI can receive/send 23 simultaneous calls per T1 Line. It is reliable, flexible & inexpensive.

Voice PRI


Data transmitted on a voice PRI line will be prioritized up and above data transmitted on another medium, for instance a DSL line. The traffic is also transmitted in full duplex mode which allows data to be transmitted from sender to recipient in real time without having to worry about collisions. In fact most offers are given with an SLA to guarantee 99% uptime.


At any time you may request for increased bandwidth without having to pay much in terms of additional costs. And of the 23 channels available to support voice, data, and video services, they can be easily combined or re-allocated for greater flexibility.

Voice PRI is Ideal For All Businesses

Voice PRI is ideal for both volume-sensitive and occasional-use applications. As your business requirements evolve, you can easily upgrade your basic communications package with additional equipment and services.

How Seamless is the Transition?

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What Separates Us From the Competition is Simple…

We can get quotes from multiple Tier 1 carriers who Provide PRI service. Some carriers do not have service in certain areas thus handcuffing the EU. We can provide and ISDN PRI or a VOIP T-1 with a PRI hand-off. (All of this also depends on the End Users PBX) If the PBX cannot handle PRI, then this will not work.

Some carriers also have calling plans over their PRI, and we can also now do a Verizon “WINBACK”. Basically what this does is allow the end-user to switch back to Verizon for deep discounts. (This service was NOT available a year ago)

Voice PRI Benefits

  • Each PRI line puts 1.544 Mbps of available bandwidth on a single network line, giving you the capacity to use the lines for voice connectivity, data connectivity, video conferencing, faxing and all of the above can be done simultaneously! (on different channels)
  • Voice PRI lines are end-to-end digital lines and so the clarity is far better than the alternative analog lines. They also take less time to establish calls than analog trunk lines.
  • PRI lines are more reliable since they are digital lines. They also are mostly on a fiber core ring which provides redundancy.

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