Bonded T1 / NxT1

With a Bonded T1 (NxT1) you can obtain bandwidth above 1.5 Mbps

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Bandwidth above 1.5 Mbps is achievable without requiring DS3 access because NXT1 connects 2, 3, or 4 dedicated T1 circuits (3 Mbps, 4.5 Mbps or 6 Mbps, respectively).


Through the use of bonded T1 your business accessibility to the world becomes fast and easy. A greater bandwidth is offered by Bonded T1 through a combination of software and hardware components. These components automatically load, balancing traffic over multiple T1 bandwidth links.


The bandwidth of T1 bonded does not vary on the basis of location, length, and quality of the copper lines. Although DSL promises to offer speeds up to 7 Mbps downstream, it suffers from a low upstream speed of only 768 kbps today. Its design is not only for household or small business use, it practically covers companies with 50 employees or more. It has an advantageous use also for multi-site businesses, and for running applications like Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and video conferencing. Moreover, it has a service that allows adequate bandwidth at a fraction of the monthly cost of T3 service.


When you check the connectivity and speed of T1, it will give you the optimal efficiency and accessibility of bandwidth compared to other broadband connections. A bonded T1 line is all about fast internet connection. Check on the viability of Bonded T1 lines and you will be amazed at how practical and convenient it would be for you. If you want a connection that fits your style check with OSSTelco services for T1 connection in your area and you can compare the cost-efficiency of its services. Through the fluid relationships we’ve built with almost every major carrier, OSSTelco has solidified the most competitive price offer for your T1 Bonded connection. T1 Providers you can trust!


With OSSTelco services for T1 connection a competitive pricing allows you the opportunity to save money unlike other telecom companies. OSSTelco only bills you on the services you ordered. The unused and underused services, if any, are excluded from your cost. Thus saving you from the internet services you availed. We’re just tickled about that service for T1 with OssTelco.


You can save a lot from T1 bonded connection because it has the same router and the same Internet Service Provider. T1’s ISP uses inverse multiplexing (IMUX) to divide and send a single data stream across two or more T1 lines. The Bonded T1 lines work as a single circuit and provides access to the combined T1 bandwidth by using two or more individual lines.

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