Telecom Auditing

We have saved clients up to 65%!

An OSS Telecom Expense & Billing Audit Includes:
  1. Can identify telecom overcharges, neutralize any discrepancies and reduce this overhead expense without any reduction in service.
  2. Enables companies to increase profitability through the reduction of erroneous expenses and improve the return on investment (ROI) in telecommunications systems.
  3. Examines your Customer Service Records and telecom carrier invoices as well as contracts and other documentation to ensure you are paying the correct expense amounts for telecom services you are using.
  4. Thus, enables the recovery of any improperly billed amounts and it enables cost savings from the elimination of unused or non required services.

A customer “thought” they disconnected

Statistics reveal that many telecommunications companies have error rates on the monthly bills they send to customers ranging from 10 – 30%. Let us check your telecom bill and if we can find errors, we both benefit!

Telecommunications Billing Auditing for your companies cost & expense management. After auditing your company’s telecom bill we can save you from 10% up to 65%. Osstelco has many ways to reduce your phone expenditure by identifying overcharges, reduce overhead expense, changing carriers and updating systems.

What we need from you to get started.

1-3 months of bills per carrier & a letter of authorization.

How long is the assessment?

Depends on how many bills and which carriers. 72 hour turn-around. We work across the board. We can identify cost savings.

Why should you work with us instead of the carrier?

We put you first, taking a consultative approach to making the best recommendation for your business. We take an unbiased approach to creating your voice and data solutions through our partnerships with virtually every major voice and data service provider. You have the option of working with our carrier agents or dealing directly with the providers.

In addition to addressing your telecommunications infrastructure, we can handle any related hardware or software needs. We’ll coordinate multiple vendors to assemble a total technology solution — at no added cost.

Affordable Colocation and Cloud Sevices
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