Telecom Contract Negotiation

Telecom Contract Negotiation could be the one of the best investments you can make right now. Get the right guidance that can make all the difference to your companies bottom-line in today’s ever changing economy.


One Stop Solution Will:

  • Set Goals & Objectives for a good contract negotiation
  • Provide the key elements to ensure a successful contract negotiation process
  • Provide staff for the negotiation process, set a  timeline and make it work for you
  • Show you how to maximize your negotiation leverage
  • Show you how to identify and avoid vendor “tricks”
  • Show you how to avoid Vendor Service and Price Guide pitfalls
  • Help you to reduce costs by negotiating Best-in-Class rates
  • Help you negotiate contract language that provides maximum flexibility to meet changing business requirements
  • Create leverage for subsequent negotiation events


The Negotiation Process Timeline

In an ideal situation the telecom contract negotiation process should commence 9 – 12 months prior to contract expiration

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