Telecom Expense Management

Most companies both large and small are overcharged an average of  20-30% for the telecom services. We can help. OSS Telco has been providing provisioning & consulting telecom services since 2004.


Expense Management Overview

Telecommunications Expense Management (TEM) is the methodology by which organizations can best manage one of their most critical strategic assets: the telecom network. TEM encompasses the technology, processes, policy, and people needed. On the technology side, there needs to be a software platform to help inventory your Telecom assets (e.g., circuits, services, equipment, locations, invoices, accounts), enforce business processes (e.g., ordering, approving, problem resolution), and manage access to critical Telecommunications infrastructure information. The processes are all the business rules, which govern how the network will be deployed, managed, and eventually dismantled or converted. The policy is the corporate buy in and ultimately the enforcement of the processes that will ensure the integrity of the TEM solution. The people are the experts in networking and telecom that follow the methodologies and use the software to deploy, manage, and decommission the telecom network.


Things You Can Do With TEM

Once you have all the technology, processes, policy, and people in place in your telecom organization, what types of things will you be able to do to better manage your telecom operations? The following is a sample list of some of these things:

  • Maintain a complete an accurate inventory of every network element in your company including every circuit, service, computer, blackberry, cellphone, hub, server, wiring panel, laptop, PDA, etc.
  • Just in time provisioning — order what you need when you need it
  • Convert from technology to technology easily
  • Assess the impact of the network on the company’s bottom line
  • Pay your bills on time
  • Validate the accuracy of your invoices
  • Allocate costs back to the appropriate organization
  • Allocate usage of the network back to the organizations that consumed the bandwidth
  • Dispute invoice charges with the carrier
  • Predict future network costs
  • Build your telecom budget
  • Identify weaknesses in your security infrastructure
  • Optimize your existing network infrastructure
  • Electronically bond with your service providers
  • Understand the true costs of operating the network
  • Negotiate better contracts with your providers
  • Measure your SLAs internally and externally
  • Analyze your Call Detail Reporting (CDR) from your invoices and your telephone switches
  • Centralize all your telecom data into one single repository for doing data reporting, analysis, and business intelligence.


To control expenses and manage your telecom, OSSTelco will:

  • Assist in negotiating your contract to ensure you not only receive the lowest rates but the highest service levels possible.
  • Review monthly bills to ensure the proper rates are utilized, improper charges are not included, and both slamming (the change in service to an unauthorized provider) and cramming (the addition of unauthorized services and charges are precluded).
  • Manage service provisioning and installed services.
  • Provide you with the reports you need to control your telecom expenses and ensure your savings are perpetually realized
  • Most companies both large and small are overcharged an average of  20-30% for the telecom services.


Between the telecom’s complex bills, contracts that are vague at best and the ever changing industry it’s easy to see why you just pay the bill, even when you know that you can get a better deal.


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