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We offer superior telecom systems:

  • Change Management Navigator is an IT management system that serves a variety of purposes. The system tracks and reports on Change Requests and Job Orders through the initiation, review, approval, development, testing and implementation stages. In addition, the system records the assigned personnel at each stage, the time estimated to accomplish the change and the time expended on the change. Moreover, the system records exactly what programs were changed for documentation purposes. In addition, the system tracks IT personnel time expended against all Job Orders and Change Requests.
  • E-Mail Archiver is a program that, as its name describes, archives e-mail. The program stores the archived e-mail to the user’s hard drive. E-Mail messages are stored as text files and attachments are stored in their native format.
  • E-mail Organizer is a program that automatically downloads e-mail and files the e-mail and the attachment in specific folders depending on the originator. The program automatically unzips files and also includes an automatic print function.
  • General Comparinator is a program designed to compare one file to another regardless of whether they are in the same program format. It has proved useful in a variety of roles including balance verifications in accounting conversions.
  • ILEC BILL Claims Management System and Service combines both automated tracking of claimed or disputed items with a service to assist CLECs in disputing these claimed and disputed items with the issuing ILEC.
  • ILEC Bill Parser – Basic edition is a system for those CLECs who want a basic system to parse ILEC electronic bill files. The system produces a Header Page and five basic detail output files (Monthly Recurring Charges (MRC), Other Charges and Credits (OC&C), Late Payment Charges (LPC), Taxes and Usage).
  • ILEC Bill Parser-Premium Edition provides all the products of the Basic Edition but also includes more granular details for CLECs desiring to reconcile their ILEC bills and identify errors.
  • ILEC Bill Parser and the “Comparinator” combine to form a powerful ILEC Bill Reconcilement System. This system is a powerful tool to assist CLECs in their efforts to control and manage their costs of doing business.
  • Sales Agent Commission System is a system to manage the operations of a commission based brokerage operation. The system tracks sales from the initial contact through the completed sale, calculates commissions and reconciles statements from vending organizations to ensure the proper amounts are reimbursed. The system also produces a variety of management and agent level reports.

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