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Ethernet solutions support applications like cloud computing, mobile access, data consolidation, and the potential for bandwidth growth via Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and Internet access.  Osstelco’s Ethernet services, available nationwide, offer a nice range of speeds and features, courtesy of carrier-grade stamina, operational simplicity and outstanding Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Fast, reliable internet access for your business is the only way to successfully connect local offices or nationwide data centers.

We can help you decide which ethernet internet connection is a perfect fit for your business.

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Commercial Grade Ethernet Types

Ethernet Type Bandwidth Cable Type Duplex Max Distance
10Base-5 10 Mbps Thicknet Coaxial Half 500 m
10Base-2 10 Mbps Thinnet Coaxial Half 185 m
10Base-TX 10 Mbps Cat3/Cat5 UTP Half 100 m
100Base-TX 100 Mbps Cat5 UTP Half 100 m
100Base-FX 200 Mbps Cat5 UTP Full 100 m
100Base-FX 100 Mbps Multimode Fiber Half 400 m
100Base-T 200 Mbps Multimode Fiber Full 2 km
1000Base-TX 1 Gbps Cat5e UTP Full 100 m
1000Base-SX 1 Gbps Cat5 UTP Full 100 m
1000Base-LX 1 Gbps Multimode Fiber Full 550 m
1000Base-CX4 1 Gbps Single-Mode Fiber Full 2 km
10GBase-T 10 Gbps Twin-axial Full 100 m
10GBase-LX4 10 Gbps Cat6a/Cat7 UTP Full 100 m
10GBase-LX4 10 Gbps Multimode Fiber Full 300 m
10Mbps 10 Gbps Single-Mode Fiber Full 10 km

You might also be interested in metro ethernet or wan management.

According to Current Analysis’ demand-side primary research, the most common form of transport is Ethernet over fiber (62%), followed by Ethernet over SONET (40%), Ethernet over copper (19%), Ethernet over wavelength (15%), and Ethernet over RPR (8%).

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