T3 Connection

Need more bandwidth? Consider a T3 Connection.

T3 Connection


T3 connection is a line with a dedicated circuit equivalent to 28 T1’s. It has 672 voice or data channels. The data transfer capacity for a T3 connection is 45 Million bits per second. T3 dedicated internet access provides speed, reliability and simplicity.


Keep your business running at its most efficient speed with dedicated internet access, T-3 or ethernet. This lets you take advantage of dedicated connections at speeds of anywhere from 6 megs, 45 megs up to 100 megs of internet business needs.


Dedicated T3 internet line access is the high speed communications solution. This will increase your productivity so you can focus on what’s important. In fact its capabilities will help attain business objectives faster and more efficiently.


Working with OSS Telco you’ll be able to get the lowest monthly rates. You can avoid the hassle of dealing with numerous telecom carriers and different rates when we become your single point of contact for all your voice and internet service needs.

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