How Do You Choose the Right Voice Service?

Business voice phone service today offers a a great range of options for businesses of all size.  From solo-preneurs to enterprise organizations, your phone system is the lifeblood of your organization.  Contacts, prospects and employees all need to communicate.  While we are increasingly dependent on email and text, one thing remains clear: most business and the strongest relationships happen by phone, not email.

Regardless of the size of your business, voice is likely to remain essential to your ability to communicate, as a key channel for your suppliers, employees, partners, and customers. If you need to update your voice platforms or have specific business goals, such as simplifying call management or perhaps adding conference calling capabilities, as your communications provider, our team we create a customized solution for you.

Today’s phone services offer features and functionality that were out of reach of most companies just a decade ago.  With the convergence of technologies and the rise of unified communications, the desk phone, cell phone, computer and tablet can all act as communication vehicles, often working together seamlessly.

From VoIP to PBX, Centrex, Voice PRI and SIP, You Have Many Options

Today’s phone options are extremely feature rich, offering a tremendous feature set to users, managers and business owners.  From advanced management and reporting capabilities to the ability to easily move calls between devices, transfer and conference calls, seamlessly flip an active call from your cell phone to your deskphone and more, our solutions can meet and exceed your needs.

Looking for click-to-call from your CRM system?  We can do that.

Want to let your road warriors receive calls at their desk handset, cell phone and laptop simultaneously?  We can do that.

Want to get rid of the physical phone altogether, and have them using just a headset connected to their PC?  We can do that too.

Want one system stretching across 37 branch offices, with everyone unified, as if they were in the same office, able to transfer and conference desk to desk?  We can even do that.

Today’s systems have so many powerful features, the value of telecom has never been greater.  Let our experts guide you to the right solution for your business.

Types of Phone System Platforms:

There are many different technologies that can be used, depending upon your business needs, budget and preferences.  Click on the platforms below to learn more.

Platform Major Benefit Price
VoIP Mobility: Plus savings of up to 40%/90% savings local/international calls Get Quote
PBX Reliability: Flexibility delivers immediate increase in productivity Get Quote
Centrex Savings: No large up-front capital expense, extensive features Get Quote
Voice PRI Improve Productivity: Connect multiple locations with guaranteed bandwidth As low as $225
SIP Huge Savings & Lower TCO: Supports virtually unlimited growth Get Quote
POTS Line Traditional phone line, self powered, does not use internet. Get Quote

Call & Discover High Value, Low Cost Options

Please call our offices today, or complete the contact form below.  Our voice and phone system experts are happy to discuss your needs and help you find the right solution for voice services for your specific business case.

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